I could use all the prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts, but you can also support my cause with donations.
Use my gofundme link below to make a donation.

50% of all proceeds go to the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.

$20 – I will put your name in my blog as a donator and also in my final video that I will create at the end of my journey. I will include a page of every person who donated.

$50 – You get the same as the $20, but with an added dedication to family member or a friend.  You can email and give me a brief explanation of who I’m hiking for that day. (Make sure to include the same name as your gofundme name!)  You could dedicate a day to anyone who has had, is going through, or died of Cancer. I will be hiking for that person for the day!  I will also take a picture for you in New Zealand and put your name on it.  (choose a date between Feb 7th, 2018 and March 16th, 2018)

$100+ – You get both the $20 and $50 plus I will create a book for you at the end of my journey. It will encompass all my travels and pictures of the places I went.

Thank you!

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