Day 40. Re-Entering Civilization


I’m going to combine my experiences from Monday and Tuesday (today).

I woke up about 10am Monday. Surprised I got another 10 hours of sleep actually. I kind of made a commitment to eat everything I had in my backpack so I set it all out on the counter.. besides granola bar and big sack of scroggin.

Tuna. Chicken teriyaki. Both in cans. Then some cuppa soups and 4 cheap ramen noodles.

I talk a lot about scroggin:

Thad’s it. Nuts. Chocolate. Dried fruit. Seeds. Just the main diet of trampers. Last a long time and is really high in protein.

Well. I don’t have any pots. Sooo I’ll just make it the same way I have been for 40 days lol.

I need to use these jet boil gas tanks anyway. You know what? Sadly as I poured my boiling water into a bowl for the noodles I accidentally saved the rest to drink later. 😂😂😅

Yeaaa I don’t need to boil my water right now to consume..

I basically relaxed all Monday. Watched some movies. Drank a red bull I had in my fridge and wrote those blogs. Surprisingly I didn’t get tired till 3am. Woops. I just needed some motivation for typing is all.

I figured I would wake up in 8 hours. Nope. I didn’t wake up till 2pm!! I always say when you sleep that long, you’re either depressed or your body needs it. (I’m not depressed lol)

Tuesday (today)

I watched another movie called ‘Mute’, sci-fi movie. Pretty neat. Especially the first quote of the movie..

Very true. God needs to break you of yourself before he can use you.

I ventured out in the 32 degree F (0 C) weather to mail Kayla her ring and just to get out of the apartment. It was the first time I had changed into jeans.. and a hoody.. and a warm hat and gloves. What were these things?? Why did my pants feel so heavy?! My head is still slightly recalibrating back to this old life.

I ended up taking a visit to Igor’s. It was awesome to see him again!

I weighed myself. I think I weighed like 170-175 before. Now I weigh 160. I figured it would be less. I guess all my muscle from my upper body just moved to my lower body..?

Relaxed in his complex’s hot tub.


My legs and knees are still sore. Crazy huh. Interestingly enough his knees now pop and he is just now getting flexibility back into his legs.

I feel like a potato.

One funny thing happened on the way home tonight.. A homeless or crazy or drunk guy was walking and slurring loud lines from the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’. It’s a classic for anyone that hasn’t seen it. As I pass by, I proclaim loudly with with my hand above my head “THE HOLY HAND GRENADE!” 😂😂

He goes wild. ” all that for the the the rabbit!!” Then keeps slurring and I hear him continue to yell as I keep walking. “YOU DIDNT CELEBRATE ST PATRICKS DAY DID YOU?!” Nooooo I didn’t! I say back. He keeps yelling inaudibly.


I have learned some real valuable lessons on this trip and I hope they get branded onto my heart.

My wrap up blog will be tomorrow. Everything I’ve learned and my next steps.

Bitter sweet it’s over, especially for those that have read religiously. You’ll have to read some other boring book. Lol

‘Coincidentally’ what I talked about in the last blog appeared in my devotional this morning:

I’ll have plentyy of thoughts in tomorrow’s final blog..



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