This will just be a collection of thoughts I’ve had and learned on this adventure..

Things have always worked out for me on this trip. I didn’t hurt anything. I never touched my med kit. I barely used my water filter. I never used my water purification tablets. I never used my saw and never had to defend myself against anything or anyone. I never had to use my survival kit. For the distance and Elevation I traveled I didn’t have much issues with my feet. Out of everyone I saw or anyone who saw me struggling to lift up my backpack, I had the heaviest one out there. Am I a super athletic muscle man? Lol no. I spent the last 2 years sitting for 8-10 hours a day and maybe getting to the gym twice a week. What was my crazy workout? Igor and I had a good laugh. We thought maximum incline for 30 minutes was wayyy too hard. I realized that an easy trail was generally maximum incline on a treadmill. Lol. We did ab ripper at the end of every workout. I did 60 push-ups a night. Shoulder shrugs and some leg presses. Totally honest..I was having issues with my left knee before I left. I I had it x-rayed and had an ultrasound done. The conclusion that the tendons in my knee were swollen. Every couple weeks a couple months before this trip I felt something rip or pop in my knee. It felt like the tendon going over the knee cap was tearing. Sometimes going up steps it would give out on me. Sometimes I limped a little. I had to wear a knee brace when working out. I had decided that what I was about to do was such a big God thing, that the devil needed to pull out the big guns to get me not to go. What did I fix it or change it or heal it? I didn’t. I went anyway. Did I have any problems (besides going downhill 1300meters) with my knee or knees? Nope. They felt great. If you have decided in your heart your going to help someone or do something to point people to faith, expect huge difficulties! Tons of resistance. Expect life to fall apart right before you do it. It’s NEVER easy.

But…EVERYTHING fell into place. Igor and I made plans.. they fell through. After I began planning nothing I could really see that life starts to plan itself to what’s inside your heart. Change your thoughts, change your heart, change your life. Last day of this ‘Born for more’ Devotional:

I learned.. that even though my father and mother did their best at raising me. They failed a lot. We all do. When you’re growing up, you assume you know everything and they don’t understand anything! But really.. when you mature, you can see that everything they told you was out of love. If they didn’t want you to do something, it’s because they could see the result of what would happen. They only want what’s best for you. I think I’ve turned out ok so far? 😅

So thank you mom and dad for raising me properly. It’s taken a bit to figure out for myself ..why. Everything was done with good intentions in mind. It’s the thought that counts right? Just like me shining a light in the little girls face when I was only trying to help her mom see on the plane.

Have FAITH! That everyone will work out. Not the way you plan it. But it will workout. The less you try and control it, the easier it becomes.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go.. just don’t stop. You will ALWAYS make it if you don’t stop. Take smaller steps. Only look up to make sure you’re still headed the right direction. Don’t get discouraged as you’re staring at how far you have left. Look down at your feet and just. Keep. Moving. You will make it! If you’re going to go up, look wayy up for help!

I’ve come to understand things about women also. Ok, so I’m a mr fix it. It really bothers me if I can’t. Like my iMac stopped working last night and I was up till 4:30am trying to fix it. I didn’t even sleep well because I wanted to get back at it! One of the main things I’ve learned.. is that manyy times.. a woman doesn’t want you to fix their issues or problems. You just need to be there to listen and support her. That’s been really challenging for me in the past. I watch a lot of movies. Probably not the best ideas to put in my head as far as relationships go. Love takes hard work and daily maintenance. Marriage will be like climbing mountains.. you will get some great views on the way, but most of it will be hard work. Just as most of you have no idea how hard it was to climb those mountains unless you do it, I will have no idea what it’s like to be married till I am. It will take commitment and faith. I used to have a fear of commitment. Crazy huh?! Lol

I think I’m finally past a lot of those hurdles.

I always want my art piece or what I have created to show how hard I work. Not just me doing the work. I want the way I live to give you hope and inspire you. If anyone needs more hope, come to me. I have more than enough for everyone! (Seriously you know how to get a hold of me)

Success isn’t how much money you have or how popular you are. I know. I know. The world say it is. Success is using the gifts God as given you to its full potential. You’ll find happiness and joy if you’re doing what you’re meant to do.

Have patience! Definitely with yourself but with everyone around you. You have no idea the situation someone is in. Tryyyy to think of a good excuse for that person being ***hole. Hurt people hurt people. In fact you should be nicer to those that hurt you, because they are also hurting themselves.

Finally. HOPE.

When there is nothing left. There will ALWAYS be Hope. It doesn’t matter how dark it is, hold onto the little light you have. That little light is enough to brighten an entire room. I had Hope that this trip would be awesome.. and it was! When you combine Hope and Faith. I don’t think anything can stop you. You really only truly know yourself when Hope is all you have left. NEVER GIVE UP.

Thank YOU for being a part of this journey!

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  1. What an incredible journey you have taken us on! I am truly going to miss your blogs. Your determination and faith have been very inspirational. God bless you, Kevin, throughout the rest of your life’s journey!

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