Day 38 and 39. Around the world in 27 hours.


(I think I’m a day off. Probably because I didn’t start blogging on the first day or I combined two blog posts on a day..?)

Woke up the next morning after a few restless hours of sleep. Open my blind and am blinded. It’s so bright outttt!

We had an hour to go till San Fran. We got breakfast. Hot breakfast was eggs and sausage and baked beans. Cold was cereal and milk, fruit, and yogurt. Fruittttt. Cold please! We finally arrive at San Fran and I round up everything I own that has managed to spread around around my feet. I tell Sam that I have an 11 hour wait. Ugh. He told me stories about owning his own business and all these countries he went to for meetings. He asked if I wanted to come to his place so I’m not stuck at the airport for 11 hours. I understand his place would have been real nice.. but I don’t want to go back through security. Nice of him though!

We talked a bit also. One of his questions to me was..”God gave you a second chance.. what are going to do with it?” That’s a very good question.. I can only hope I am doing it.

As we exit the plane I take a picture of the first class seats..

They get unlimited leg room and a bunch of stuff in their cubby hole. If we got free booze I wonder what they got? Bottles of wine or back rubs? Maybe they get spoon fed. Lol

Last blurry picture of Sam.

He was talking about how on this 20 days he didn’t have access to a gym and the first thing he wanted to do was do some bicep curls. Lol. Talk about dedication.

Well. I had 11 hours to hang out in the airport. I took my time walking around. My phone didn’t work.. I guess the NZ SIM card doesn’t workin the US. I know I had money left on it, so I called. $0 balance. Stupid. I probably spent two hours wandering then I stopped to get food. It dawned on me I could use wifi instead of carrying around a brick. So as I was eating I got on WiFi to text people and let me mom know I was safe. I went to the gate where my plane would have been leaving later. There was a plane flying out at like 3:30pm instead of 10pm going to Toronto. It was about 3pm. I asked the guy if they had extra seats on the plane and it dawned on me. My checked bag wouldn’t be on the plane. He asked if I had a checked bag.. I reluctantly said yea. He did the whole disappointed look and said sorry. It was a decision to wait in San Francisco or Toronto. Umm I’ll take San Fran. I guess I needed to get my phone working then.

I walked around to several different center airport stores and asked if they had something small enough to open my SIM card slot in my phone. Without hesitation they always said no. Like.. if you aren’t buying anything I don’t want to talk to you. I even went to a phone case store. Nadda. Hmmmm I wondered a bit more. Ended up heading back to the liquor isles where there was a watch stand. I waited a while then lady almost sprinted to help me. (It was a fancy watch place lol) I felt bad.. 😅

I just kind of slid the question of there and she laughed like..’why did i just jog over here for this?’ But she said I could try this little tiny watch screwdriver and said she had never replaced a SIM card. Cool. Opportunity not to feel like I was just using here. Told her she could watch and I would talk her through it. It’s pretty easy. Use the little screwdriver and poke it in the hole.. the tiny tray pops out with the SIM card on it. Swap out NZ number sim back to Canadian number sim. Put back on the tray and slide it back in. Done!

I was beaucoup thankful!

I knew it wouldn’t work right away. If I hadn’t paid the bill in a while I would have to figure that out also. Well. It actually started working in a few minutes as the notifications and emails rolled in. I checked the account.. such a smart Kevin. I paid my bill up to the point where I came back just for this purpose. Lol. *pats myself on the back* I caught up on all the notifications but was feeling pretty tired. I must find a place to nap.. I went back down to where the Toronto plans took off from. Went around behind the escalator. Saw this guy

Looked like the nap area. I think I stayed there and tried to sleep for a few hours. He was a worker and left an hour after I laid there. Almost fell asleep then he left. He was able to about lean on his pillar while I could only lean my head back. I naturally took his spot after he left and slept for an hour. I blogged for another hour or so. Can’t remember what happened to the other hours. Boarded the plane to Toronto at about 10:30pm I think.

Ah yes. Canadian air. Chargeyouforeverything Air. The flight time which I thought was 3-4 hours was actually 5. Boooo

San Fran by night:

I had the window seat again. Of course. And there was a little Indian girl beside me and her mother in the isle seat. My initial thought was..oh boy.. little girl.. she and her mother were let on first as ‘people who take more time or have little kids can board first’. She was sitting quietly with her headphones on watching the movie Coco. It’s an animated movie. I saw her keep looking at me from the corner of her eye. I would glance at her and make a funny face. She would chuckle. I chose to watch Step Dads 2 for a movie. Anytime the pilot or a flight attendant would speak over the intercom it would shut off our movies while they spoke. She would do a tiny gesture of disappointment and roll her eyes. I did bigger ones. Lol. Ugh!! I mean they interrupted quite a bit. Thennn they also had to say them to French too. We started our movies before they got all the bags in and before we took off. At least 20 minutes into them when we took off and when our monitors came back on we had to start them over and find our spots again! Ugh.. UGH!! (little and big hands go up in the air and slap down on our thighs while we tilt our heads back in disappointment) lol. So we did. Their system was slow and the accuracy of the screens were off but finally we started watching and got another 20 minutes in and a lady comes over the intercom…ughhhh UGHHH! Laughing now. The lady said “we understand that many screens are not working so we are going to reset them all and it should only take 5 minutes for them to reboot” I’m like no no no no no!! It will reset our movies againnnnn! Sigh.

She gave up and laid down on her moms lap. Her mom had been watching and thought it was funny.

It didn’t take 5 minutes, it was like half an hour! Anyway. I turned mine back on to watch the rest and the little girl was passed on. She kept putting her foot on my thigh and I said it was ok. But the mom kept taking her foot off me. She was obviously a well disciplined kid. Mom was a good role model. I finished the movie and we had about an hour or two till we got there. We would arrive at 6:45am. I figure I should get a little more sleep. That way when I got home I could get a decent amount of sleep and not stay up. Jet lag is all about getting on the same sleep schedule. Anyway I woke up later as they were handing out the immigration papers to fill out. I had no pen but I saw the mom dig for one and start trying to fill her paper out. She looked like she was struggling to see the paper so I reached up and happy to help turn her light on. Oooops! Shined right on the little girls face after a few seconds realized. She smiled and said thank you as I realized a little later..

The best intentions from another perspective can seem like bad ones..I wanted to turn it back off but she had already been writing. Maybe that’s why she didn’t turn it on to begin with..? Ugh..

After she asked if I wanted the pen and I said sure, sorry about shining the light on her face. I didn’t think about that. 😅 She said don’t worry about it.

Filled it out. Handed back the pen.

We departed the plane at 7am. A little late. I checked before we left if the GO train wood be running from the airport into town. Yup. Starts at 5:30am. I wasn’t in a huge hurry.

Waited in a long line for immigration.. They just look at the picture and look at your face.. “Welcome home”.

Go down to get our luggage. Mine will be easy to spot. It looks like a plastic cocoon. We wait for like 30 minutes for the conveyer to start spitting our bags out while I wait with that dumb cart thing again. It seems to be popping everyone’s bag out but mine. I’m trying to say in my mind, that they put mine in hoursss before every else’s so it will probably be last. Finally it comes out. I plop it on my cart and eyeball a trash can. I have to unwrap this thing now. So I find the end and begin the unwrapping process. That takes another 15 minutes. Finally good to go. I open to top pouch and pull out my thermal top right on top. (I think ahead sometimes) then I take off my ball cap and unzip the side pouch to put on my beany. A little warmer! I put on my texting bum gloves and head out. Gotta give the guy at the exit my immigration receipt. I have two backpacks on again. I’m hungry. I stop off at the little stand in the airport to get 6 Chicken tenders and a gator aid. I’ll eat them on the train. I know exactly the turns and exits back to the ‘train to the city’. I’ve been through here many a time. Pay for ticket with some extra Canadian cash. $5.75. Cheapest train ride around.

Hop in and plop my bags down in a near empty car.

Finally eat my chicken tenders. Day was good. It’s a 15 minute train ride to Bloor st. Where I exit and need to take a 40 minute street car ride. I had wished I had tokens left for the street car but do not. I give the guy a $20 bill and also for 10 tokens. Trying to math in my head. He asks me 3 times how many. They are $3.25 a piece. Oh. Right.. mathing no good after so many hours. He just slides me like 6 and some change. Mkay. I wait 15 min for the street car and it’s reallly collddddd! I don’t have the clothing required. It’s about 23 degrees F. I ride the street car kind of in a zombie mode I sit there. Get off at my stop and very frigidly walk the 7 minutes to my apt. Maybe it’s less than that. I don’t know. Hoping my key fab still works.

Whew. It does. Side story:

I gave Dane, my roommate my two month notice that I’m moving out. I told him I would be out by April 1st. He said he planned to get married a month or two after that so that works. He tells me a week earlier that he had a gig he had to go do in Japan for 2 weeks and that he was leaving the same day I got home and wouldn’t be back till mid April. Which means I wouldn’t get to even say goodbye to him in person. He also said he planned on moving all of his stuff out of the apt by the time I got there but the router and the chair I borrowed when I arrived. Thank you for leaving those!

So.. I return home and it looks soooo empty. He owned pretty much everything in the kitchen / living room/ dining room. It was so empty there was an echo. Lol

He said he left a beer for me in the fridge. Lol. I found some frozen chicken in the freezer I left.

Dinner! (And there was my bbq sauce left and the two plates and silverware I brought. )

I made a video of the empty apt I’ll have to post later.

Sooo I also did some before and after heh..

Next one is to show how much weight and upper muscle I had lost. I wish I would have taken pictures of my legs..

😂 I looked so young 40 days earlier. Now. I’m a hairy mountain man.


I hope the shirtless photos don’t offend people. Just act like I’m at a pool or something.

Oh yea.. I made the chicken for dinner.

I came home and passed out from 9am till 5pm. Maybe I slept too long..?

I just relaxed and watched a mindless movie on Netflix and made the chicken. I then tried to blog last night but lost all the blogging I did in the airport and airplane. Oh yes. I did a little after I finished Stepdads 2 also. Anyway. Lost all that. Finally re wrote it and onto Sunday.

Ended up getting tired about midnight and passed out.


My old life is now gone. No job. No roommate. No furniture. No income. Lol

(Yes the money I saved for 2 years is still plenty)

The first time I looked into my room I said out loud .. “what is all this junk?!?” I had carried around everything I needed in life on my back for 40 days. Why would I need anything else?? I know I’ll need my iMac and other tech stuff.. but I just felt like a hoarder now. If I had a dumpster in my apartment I would have tossed most of it lol. I guess I’ll need more than 2 pairs of clothes..

It’s acting really crazy being back. Like my mind hasn’t totally accepted it yet. Sooo I live here.. with this stuff.

If you’re wondering where I’m going or what my next adventure is.. I haven’t posted it yet but I’m moving to California. My mom is coming up here at the end of this month to take my junk back to her place where I’ll hangout for a few days or a week until I can get my stuff sorted out. I have no furniture. I’ll toss a lot, shouldn’t be a ton of stuff.

I’ll be pretty free but kind of busy. I need to take some time and make that video, pack up everything, meet up with friends, and create books for the donations of $100+.

I have from the 18th-31st. Not a lot of time..

Life is about choices. You know.. at ANY given second you can change yours.. really! It takes one single decision not to live that way anymore. Job. Abusive relationship. Vacation. If you REALLY want to change.. you will.

Everything in your life starts as a thought in your mind. (Your choices that is) You decide what happens in your story and you decide how you will react to things that happen to you.


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