Day 37. One last Hitch


Today is for my friend Nick Comis. I might really only have 1-2 more days of blogging and days of dedications. I wouldn’t feel good about dedicating a day to going home. I met Nick when I was in Orlando, Florida. Something manyyy if you don’t know, but I was a magicians assist forrrr month..? Maybe 2. My excellent friend Dain Marvel, from my semester at sea got offered a just on the north east coast he asked me if I wanted to take over his job. It was I think Thursday evenings. I asked what if entailed, and he only said.. “some audio video work”. I figured it was just assisting with the audio of Nicks Magic show.. actually I believe it was called ‘Nicks Parlor tricks’? Oh no. It was MUCH more than that. Lol. My worst nightmare is being on stage and making myself of the person I’m helping look like an idiot in front of a crowd. On the first day of ‘training’ I told him he had the wrong guy. Lol. I was actually helping him with the tricks. One of two of them DEPENDED on me to go right. He wouldn’t let me quit. 😂 So. If I was going to do this I wanted to have LOTS of time to practice. I would come early and stay late. I ended up doing fairly well and we became decent friends. I had told him I would have to quit as soon as I got a job in the industry.. and he understood. So when I got the job at Stereo D in Toronto I had to leave Orlando. He helped me get my motorcycle into my uhaul to take back to Fort Wayne. He busts his butt to make ends meet. He is ALWAYS in pursuit of new and bigger and better ideas. He’s always busy too. Lol. Thank you for your donation Nick, it means a lot. Sometimes.. rarely.. I miss the magic show we had going on! 🙃


I set my alarm for 8am Saturday. (My flight leaves at 7:45pm to go to San Francisco.)I had a lot to do when I woke up. I hadn’t separated my stuff yet..

Jumped awake at 8am and laid there getting my bearings. After all I was in a hotel room and not my tent. It took me a few minutes. I got up and started separating the junk into 3 piles. Trash. Carry on. Checked bag. I ate two handfuls of scroggin. Fast food breakfast. I threw away a couple things that I knew I would never need again. Like my water shoes that retain water and end up being tubs of water for me feet to slosh around in. I wanted to poke a hole in them so bad.

Also it sucks that I can’t take these small gas canisters on the plane.

They last forever! I had gotten one with Igor as a backup and I never had to use it. Crazyyy.

I also didn’t fill up 1 liter of water because I knew I wouldn’t have to go far. (Weight purposes)Anyway I had 30 minutes to hurry up and I still had my stuff all over!

I just started chucking things in to my bag. Didn’t matter as long as I didn’t need it on the plane. I checked out 5 minutes early. I know. I’m fast.

I didn’t have my smaller backpack but the backpack felt so light! One last picture.

I had asked the lady at the desk earlier the guy before if they had shuttles to the airport. She said no but they could get me a taxi. Hmm I would think about it. It was a 2 hour and 14 min walk to the airport..

I decided to last hitch. Who was going to be my final driver..

Lovely warm day. Hot sun. Backpack on back and backpack on front.

I figured (on the map) I would at least get to the 20B marker so I would have a better chance of getting a ride. Plus I had like 10 hours or something till my plane flew out. Why not?

I walked quite a ways and turned right twice along the way crossing over the road. It was pretty warm! There was some wind but my front backpack was holding my sweat in. 😅 One last good sweat! Then there are you who say..”yea but don’t need you need to sit in airports and fly around on planes force next 78 hours??” Yes. Yes I do. Then there are those of you who didn’t even think about that but now you’re kind of grossed out. You’re welcome.

I wonder if Toy World is NZ’s Toys R Us?

And who put this crappy car on the side walk?? I about kicked it.

Yup. Had a good sweat rolling now. Maybe I should have taken a taxi. Lol. Nah. This was the real final push. My muscles were feeling pretty sore also. Didn’t take long. (Insert being close to the toilet analogy) So yea. I knew I was close to being done with this hike, so my muscles heard the word and figured they would take off on holiday early.

Lol. Not as happy as my first picture.

I can across some construction. I didn’t think I would be able to get through, but I saw a pedestrian sign and had to wait 15 minutes to cross the road since cars were going just fast enough to no let me get by.

This picture wants to call me a liar.

There was a nice side of the road that was blocked for people to walk through. It actually ended up ahead but a ramp went up and crossed over a railroad track. I took that picture for Megan. Another thing about taking the donation pictures.. I don’t like to put them in my blog. I put their name on them and I feel like they become theirs and I don’t have the rights to them anymore. Lol. So it’s a small gift.

Weird tree:

Weird sign:

I had glanced at some buildings walking past..

Hahaha yess! Out of all my time in NZ.. and it comes down to the last hour I’m walking to the airport. C3 Church. It’s the one I go to in Toronto. I knew they were global, but this was a pretty cool sign. 😄

I kept walking. I saw a bunch of traffic up ahead.. I walked up on a grassy hill to see what the commotion was.

I guess a tow truck had stopped all traffic to tow a car so people were pretty angry about waiting. Lol. It was fine for me I just trotted down the hill and between the cars. I passed the bridge to where the 20B road started.

Put my thumb out finally.. 5 minutes later I got picked up by an off duty taxi cab. Bobby was his name. He first told me that he wasn’t going to charge me because he was picking up a friend from the airport. We only had time to talk for 10 minutes before he dropped me off at the airport. We talked about Cancer and he said he liked to help people out. What do you think one of the last things he said to me..?

My last hitch of this trip. My last day in NZ. My last new face in a car.

“God is always watching”

..I didn’t know what to say. It was the perfect thing to sum up this entire trip.

We hadn’t even really talked about religion or God.

I know God puts people in your life to help or correct your course. He might even also allow you to get brain cancer to come back to him. I have seen his hand so much on this trip.. I hope as you’ve read along you can too. We just don’t depend on him enough..

I walked into the airport.. I grabbed one of those rolling carts..

I took a few minutes to waft my shirt to dry the sweat. Lol. I knew this airport like I had been here before. Oh yeaaa, we flew here and had to get our bags rewrapped to fly out! So I knew where to go to get my bag saran wrapped. I headed that way..

This wrapping of my bag.. was the final conclusion of this trip symbolically. It was tying up all the lose ends and literally wrapping the thing that was on my back for 40 days. It was a pretty big deal really.. though she was just wrapping another persons oversized bag. All these thoughts running through my head. My backpack and I had gone through a lot! Pain and sweat and agony. It was like a weight off my shoulders! (Dadun dun tshhh)

Le sigh. I walked over to check it in.

byeeee! 😅😅

Needed to fill out this card next..

And..a real bye!

This was going to be rough..

I walked around the airport..I mean I still had like 9 hours.

Look at that line for Burger King!

They must have a real problem with this..


Yes. Fahrenheit. You can do the google conversion for Celsius.

I found a corner at a gate to head to China where no one was and blogged a bit.

Thinking back. I have no idea how I used those 7-8 hours? I might have taken a nap or I don’t really even know. Time slips by so quickly. I can see my gate on the other side of the glass to the upper right corner and I see people start getting up. There was a lot of people.. well. Time to jump into the chaos.. I had to go up the escalator then down the other side..

To this day I will never understand people battling to get a better position in line to get on the plane. The ONLY thing I can think of is if you have luggage you want to put up top and you don’t want to be that guy that has to find another place on the plane to put it. Besides that… whyyyyy do you want to rush and sit down for a 12.5 hour plane ride??? I mean people were pushing people out of the way to get a better spot in line. I was in the line.. got tired of the stress and sat down in a nearby chair. I waited till they called “seats between 50 and 60”. Hopped up. Walked past everyone and handed them my ticket. How is that so difficult? 🤷🏼‍♂️

I had a window seat. I usually prefer them to gaze out and see the world. Sat next to a 70 year old man. Spanish of Indian.. I’m not sure of his heritage? He was with his wife and 20 others that he drove around NZ with on a bus. I grabbed two ninja snapshots of him and his wife.

Sorry Sam if you’re reading this.. we never got a real picture together. This guy was the most fit 70 year old I have met in my life. I thought he was joking when he said 70. He lived in San Francisco but worked out 5-6 days a week. He talked about the whey protein powder he ate and his decent diet. He also said you’re body is like a machine.. you keep it oiled and active and it will last so much longer. He was really impressed that I hiked up mountains with no prior experience. We talked for a while then food was served. It was 3 options. Chicken. Or beef or some vegetable meal. I took the beef.

Purple because the lights were. I guess they change with what time it is where you’re headed. So if it’s time to sleep it’s blue.. orangeish if the sun is coming up. I could be totally wrong but that’s what I heard?

Anyway I had pot roast, with green beans and mashed potatoes. It includes that rice salad mix, a roll with butter, a square of cheese, crackers, and some orange ice cream for desert. For my beverage I ordered a Bloody Mary. They sure treated you well on NZ air. Later we could order anything we wanted for free. People had the option for wine with their meal and came back around for wine refills if they wanted. You could order ear plugs or a face mask or more alcohol if you wanted. They also had a ton of movies to pick from.

I saw on the list War for the Planet of the Apes in the list.. for those of you that don’t know, that was the only movie I got on screen credits for out offf like 23 movies I have worked on. I had to check..

😳😳😳 Wowwwww! This was the first time I have seen my name outside of the movie theater! I was so excited I turned to Sam who had his headphones on half asleep and told him. Yessss! I told him my good buddy Tupoc was right above me too! (Dipak) We trained together. Worked together and got or first on screen credits together. So cool!

After that I tried really hard to sleep. I even ordered a bag of chips and a small cup of rum and ice to help me sleep. Lol. The guy who dropped them off.. “are you sure you don’t want any thing else in this?” Nope. They would have put coke in it defeating the purpose. That did the trick. I drifted off..


This entire trip has been one big ‘out of my box’ experience. I have learned so many things on this trip.. I’ll leave most of that for my final wrap up blog.

I have been incredibly blessed with everything just falling into place..

Some of you think that I must have good luck, or that I just pick a place and go on vacation or that I have the money for all this. None of those are true. I believe.. when you have faith.. if you are faithful will little, he will give you larger things to tackle. The thing is… this can be any of you! You have no idea the blessings you can have in your life till you believe. Believe.. then start with being faithful in little things in life. It’s scary.. but when it comes down to it.. if you go on a huge trip if you can point it back to him, he most definitely will bless you for another larger task. You never know till you try.

I was asked today what adventure I was going on next.. because that’s just who I am. Those people who are jealous. Get out there and do something you want to do! Help people! That’s always the best start. Whether you believe in karma or what goes around comes around. Put out some good deeds and take daring risks! If you fear it, do it!


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