Day 36. You can’t judge a book by its cover (part 2 of 2)

4:34pm Saturday. (In San Fran Cali. Crossed the dateline so I get two St Patrick’s days! :-D) <— does that smiley look like it has a double chin?

Anyway. Let’s blog. *cracks knuckles*

Liam. Come to find out he is one of the Māori people of NZ.

So his ancestors basically started living on NZ first a LONG time ago. So he was telling me a bit about the culture. I think we had about an hour and a half to get to Auckland. (I tried doing what I always do and looking at time stamps of photos, but the time change messed those up. I gotta math now.) It was kind of fun to ride in a semi.

He was a pretty chill dude and just liked to pick up hitch hikers to keep him company for the most part. After 25 years I KNOW he has driven in some horrible weather and seen some bad wrecks. This was the first Kiwi I had met that had never left the island. Hmm. He asked if I was in any hurry and I was like, nahh as long as I’m sleeping some place lose to the airport in Auckland tonight I’ll be fine. So he just drove right to his …uhh trailer drop off point? (Steve I’m gonna need some vocab here)

He has to make copies of some paper work and give them the trailer number. He said him and his wife had been married for 30ish years. I got to listen in on his wife being SUPER excited that he was coming home tonight. Aww I hope that’s me after 30 years of marriage. I guess ya different when you’re gone 6 out of 7 days of the week. Also got to hear him talk to his.. dispatch lady. Talking about how many kilometers and how much the company paid by weight. You can see the black box device in the last picture that his boss watches? His boss has to watch 250 drivers. And can tell how fast they are going, when they stop, fuel consumption, etc. If Liam makes a stop it if the ordinary he will get a call. He said that the guy knows he picks up hitch hikers. Which is also why he couldn’t deviate from his route too much. He said he thought all businesses were corrupt. They are all about that money and will force you to lie on your log book. So if you have only got 3 hours of sleep. It’s fine! I’ve heard my bro Steve talk a lot about that. So yea. It’s the same in NZ. If you decline taking trips, they just won’t use you as much. Such a nice system.

Took about 45 minutes to an hour making calls and doing paperwork and unhooking his trailers and attaching other ones. He still had a two hour drive to get back home.

He asked if I had dinner. Nope. Haven’t. Said after the drop his boss turns off the monitoring device so he could drive off the path. While he was doing all this I arranged a motel to stay at for my final night. I needed to totally reorganize my backpack and split things into what I could and could not take onto the plane and a carry on or checked bag.

So he drove me close to my motel and he said dinner was on him. Thanks man! I understood the struggle of parking a semi that had two trailers attached. (He had dropped off two and picked up two) he had been in this area many times and said KFC had large parking behind it.

I’m pretty hungry and am not picky at all. Especially if he was paying. It had started to get dark but KFC was only a 10 min walk from the motel. There was a long line but we got a decent amount of food and we chomped down some of that kernals chicken! Lol. He offered to drive me closer but I figured it was way too much of a hassle, I would just walk. So we said our goodbyes and I thanked him for dinner then walked down and ally to the road.

As I was eating to cross the st he drove up waiting to turn on the highway.

Another cool guy taking part in getting me where I need to be. I actually really like hitch hiking. Though people think you’re poor and homeless so they don’t pick you up, the people that do always have good stories and are generally good people. I mean who goes out of their way to pick up a stranger and drive him around for free? Yup. Nice people.

On the walk to the motel.. it hits me. This is the end. I made it!! Muscles sore, but intact. No big injuries. Just big adventures. I felt kind of bad that I didn’t have time to do a lot of hiking towards the end so my pictures aren’t of mountain tops. I just needed to get where I needed to go.

And this is my fuzzy, relieved, I made it face..

My motel:

First motel I’ve been to where the door to the place is the sliding door.

I plopped.

I needed to do laundry for the clothes I had on. The receptionist woman said that the laundry room ‘closed’ at 9:30pm but I could use it whenever I wanted because it doesn’t technically close. Kewlllllll

So I changed into some clean clothes while still being dirty and put my dirty clothes into the washer. My burnt face:

I kind of hit reverse culture shock..

I planned on showering and went to get my ziplock bag full of bathroom stuff and my quick dry fiber towel thing… right.. I didn’t have to. Everything I needed was already in the bathroom. I also didn’t need to worry about taking ‘rubbish bags’ with me. (Trash bags) 90% of places have you take your rubbish with you. They don’t have trash cans for people. Odd. I won’t need to worry about that anymore. I took a long. Hot. Free. Shower. (Technically i paid for it) But I didn’t have to insert tokens to keep the hot water going for another 4-7 minutes .

I didn’t have to see stars blowing up my mattress and pillow..

I would be able to use a FULL toothbrush again!

Yup. Cut it in half to save space and weight. Though very little, every ounce adds up.

I don’t have to provide my own toilet paper like some campgrounds or huts on mountain tops. I had a warm room to sit in while I did my dooty.

I wouldn’t have to worry about it raining and being windy at night..

I could shower any time I wanted or be able to go to the fridge and eat anything out of it.

I wouldn’t have to worry about blisters or what socks to wear.

I wouldn’t have to wear the same two pairs of clothes!

Or filling up both water bottles before I leave a place.

Lots and lots of things many of you don’t really think about on a day to day basis..

We tend to take it all for granted when it’s just always there.

While my clothes were drying, I wanted to turn the tv on just to have something playing in the background. I’m not used to having a tv. Might as well use it. I flip through the channels and run across the movie ‘Gods not dead 2’. It’s just the last 30 minutes. Never seen his one. Great. Now I have to watch it..

I grabbed onto one good line from the end.. it’s when people complain that God isn’t helping them when they are going through a tough time.

“When you’re going through something very hard, the teacher is quiet during the test”


There is always a test. If you want to change something for the better, expect a test. You will always have a way out, but when you are faithful with little, he will bless you with bigger things and harder challenges to be faithful with again.

Sometimes..there are things put in your life that test your faith. How much do you really believe..

A part of my devotional:

I fell into a deep sleep without needing earplugs or an eye mask. I felt spoiled..


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