Day 33 Hiking and Hot Mud. Part 2/2


What a day of nerdiness. Lol I’ll save today’s story for tm. Now to finish up my muddin.

So I booked the hostel and the Hobbiton Movie Set tour and decided to take the walk around the thermal wonderland. Lol

I went inside and got a ticket to go walk around. I asked the lady behind the desk if there was a place I could put my heaping backpack some place. She had to have another woman with a key escort me to their holding closet. I took my smaller backpack with a few granola bars and a bottle of water as a just in case thing.

I start my little hike thing. I plan to do ‘walk 1, 2, and 3 equalling about 75 minutes.

I had heard and seen these huge fern plants that remind me of Jurassic Park..

I had taken pics earlier of their leaves all curled up.

They really look like palm trees but are just mutant ferns.

It’s almost mandatory to get the background information before taking this trot.

I think it’s still pretty crazy that the earth can squish out such hot water to the surface from so far within.

I’ve slowly started to realize that the stink of the wet dog on me.. wasn’t me at all. Lots of these thermal pools were expelling sulfur. In fact any of the yellow you see in any of these pictures is from sulfur. Basically the rotten egg smell. Mind you they are pretty pictures without having to be there and smell them.

So thaaats where he livessss:

Certainly smells like it. Lol

Here’s a description about the craters and the colors you’ll see here in a minute:

Oh yea.. plenty of people..

It seems like everything is bubbling hot in this area. I’m not really sure how this company could make reliable paths and solid fences through this? I mean.. this is bubbling hot …stuff. It’s underneath this entire area.. hm.. I would think in a matter of time things would collapse into the ground. I know the crater sign said the last collapse was in 1968.. buuut yep. The earth can’t be trusted I say.

Then there’s this bubbling black tarrish stuff. Kid of like hot lead. Maybe that’s how it got it’s name?

I know ink isn’t the same as lead..

A lot of these things many people have never seen with their own eyes. It’s pretty crazy really. Makes me feel like I’m on another planet. I usually put a person in some of my photos or reference..

That’s one. Big. Hot. Crater.

And some more info.. if anyone even reads the signs?

This next picture is a purty one. The artists Palette. Lots of different minerals and words I barely know from chemistry class.

Its a stinky palette for sure..

Walked down the path a bit and took a picture of the palette closer to the ground.

You can see people on the far left of the picture. That’s where I headed next.

I think the words should be re arranged. Lookout! Champagne pool. Gross lookout. When some of that cloud wafts right into your face.. it’s a great thing..really it is.

I was trailing after 3 girls that were gagging getting closer to some of these hot pits. I thought one of them started dry heaving lol

I know.. I’m really making you want to be there..

Head back to the normal route.. walk number 2, the continuation.

Info info info

Up a bunch of steps. I feel pretty good. There are lots of benches along the way with a lot of people sitting down taking breaks. Even though I don’t have my huge backpack on, I notice I’m sweating less, my heart rate isn’t going up too much and I’m almost becoming a mountain goat hopping up a few steps at a time. Lol. I like my legs my now. Their new and improved!

A pretty overlook. Going down in and round is walk number 3. I’ve been hiking for about 45 minutes now.

“A reasonable level of fitness is required.” 😬

Hm. 100C…that’s 212F! I took many videos of the water a foot from where I’m standing bubbling. 😅

This should be called the stank cave:

Ok.. soo.. what’s great is people STILL want to see what happens when you step on this ground they they tel you not to step on. You know.. just to see what happens. Caught this guy lol:

I realize there aren’t railings.. but still.

This next picture if you look at the bottom right corner, you can DEFINITELY see a large hole of boiling water..

Then almost to the end of the line, there’s a gecko carved from a pie tree. Say hello to Merv.

The end:

Now to loop back around and head back to the visitors center.


I’m taking advantage of the fact that pictures are worth 1000 words. Lol

I’m not even really sure what this is.. it’s like chopped flat surfaces.. but wet..

Back to the artists palette.. but on a more eye level surface.

Walking around to the stinky champagne pool, the orange is pretty fascinating:

Here’s a sign that I was really interested in knowing. Hot far down and how hot these pools get?

Yayyyy yellowwww!

Here I don’t even think he took baths.. but that color is crazy!

They saved the craziest color for the end I guess? I head back to the visitors building. It’s about 4pm. I talk to the woman selling tickets and ask what time they close. “6pm”

Alright I think I’m going to go check out these things called ‘the mud pools’. I ask how far it is on foot.. she says about a 10 minute walk. Sounds good. That way I can see the mud pools without having to get my backpack out of their locker area. I start walking up the road. I see these signs far too often..

Yet as I’m walking further away I hear what sounds like a bee hive. Nope. Someone just outside of the ‘no drone zone’ flying their drone.. it’s sad that I tend to follow rules or less I would have loved to get the hot pits from high above!

I walk for a ways and Jen down this road, which I thought she said the mud pools were down.

Coooool its a dead end. I pull out my gps.. I guess I should have taken the next road. It’s 5:06 now. Ughhh a wasted 45 min walk. Well. At least it’s lovely out. So. I need to head back and get my pack before they close. That would suck. Finally arrive back at the visitors center and get my bag back. Welp, now I need to retract my steps and take the nextttt street past.

Neat set of shrubs:

I arrive at the mud pools. A bit of background.. if you can read it:

You can see 2 people in the very top left corner. I captured a nice moment or mud belching up to the surface and splatting around beside it. It happened a ton but that was a good onnnnne! I headed up to where the two people were:

Well. That was an experience. I took pictures and videos for about 10 minutes then decided I needed to get going. There was an interesting rock on the way out. Not exactly sure how they got such clean letters in it.

It was a 30 min car ride to Rotorua. There were about 3 cars in the parking lot. I pulled out a piece of cardboard and finally felt like I needed to use it. I wrote in big black letters ROTORUA.

I walked down the road, then out to the highway.. I crossed the highway and picked a spot going up a hill where people could see me and was enough room to pull over. It took from the time I left the mid to being picked up about 45 min. I had JUST picked my spot and dropped my backpack when a car pulled up. (I made sure each person coming could see that I needed a ride)

I saw 4 people in the car and the back seat person was scooting over to make room. Defiantly not enough room for my backpack. The back door opens and I lean in, it’s a couple of young people. Two guys up front and two girls in the back. “Throw your backpack in the boot!” Lol. The trunk opens so I understand. I’m always leery of someone tell me to put my bag in and then taking off. I keep an eye on the door as a foot is holding it open. (Or when I get out of cars.. I open the back door before closing the front door. Like that would matter much if they wanted to take off. I just didn’t want to get in the position where both doors were closed giving the driver even the thought of driving away) So I squish my backpack in the boot and hop in the back. Lol the girls in the back apologize about the pot. They are definitely high. Lol. Very chill. The girl beside me tells me she’s 19 and introduces me to the rest of the car. She asks me about smell and I hand her my card. I try to explain a bit. It’s going right over their heads. 😂 she is just jamming to music as we roll along.

Not sure if I should even be saying or posting this stuff, but no faces or license plates can be seen. It’s ok. At one point.. a fly was crawling on my arm. I moved it and it didn’t fly away. I had a thought that it was a spider and pulled my arm quickly closer to have a better look. Nope. A fly. I flicked it and actually hit it and launched it past the two girls and hit the other window. LOL.. it didn’t even try moving. A high fly. 😂😂

They asked where my hostel was as we came into the town and I said they could drop me off anywhere. They dropped me off at a McDonald’s because they wanted to go through the drive through anyway. Lol

I like people that pick me matter who they are.😄

I head to my hostel. It’s only 3 blocks away.

When I booked this place hours ago, after just getting to the thermal wonderland, I chose 7 as a rough estimate to get there. It was 6:44pm when I took that picture. Right on time!

I check in at ‘Rock Solid, Backpackers’ and she assigns me a room.

Top bunk!

I kinda crawl up there and just lay for a while..about an hour. I convince myself to get up to explore. I noticed when I first checked in that there’re huge windows that you could see a 3 story rock climbing wall through!

I took a video of that guy in the top left corner climbing upside down for a while barely holding on with his finger tips and a heel! He slipped and was gently lowered by his rope buddy. Impressive!

I went in search of the place where the bus would come for me tm:

I rounded the block and found a place to eat. Got a cheap burger and fries then headed black to the hostel.


I have collected quite a few motivational thoughts lately..

I’m sure most of you knew who Stephen Hawking is. Or was. I didn’t know much about him till he died. He was pretty smart as far as people go. He contributed many things to science and also added onto some of Einstein’s theories. He believed there was no God or heaven. It’s ok, he has many good life quotes though.. here is one I like.

This is just going to be a schmattering of quotes..

This next one is from LinkedIn, I usually read their, what’s going on in the world today / tech news. There’s always a good snippet in there too..

The more positivity you have around you.. the more positive you will become. The same applies to motivation. If all your friends are lazy, there’s a good chance you will be too. If you hangout with motivational people, you will become more motivated. You need friends to speak life into you. The ones who don’t support you are the only ones that want to just ride in the limo with you. You need more bus riders in your life! Lol

Growing up I got made fun of a lot. I realized over time.. that if I knew and accepted every single thing wrong with me.. their words wouldn’t hurt so much. Haha because I could actually agree with them. Unless it was something totally not true. That kind of goes with the saying..train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. You accept who you are.. flaws n all. You can change your appearance.. but it takes years or something drastic to change who you are. Most people never really change who they are quickly. If you’re afraid to lose something, you try and control it. I see a lot of doomed relationships head that way. Jealousy loves control.

Just let go.. It will be fine! I promise.


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  1. Very inspirational, Kevin! Just look at how much growth you are experiencing during this trip! Very admirable! Gotta go….meeting your mom for lunch today!

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