Day 27. From Car to Car to Car


Woke up at 8am due to some fellas cookin their breakfast in the kitchen. That’s when I realized an ear plug fell out. Lol

It was so nice not to wake up in a tent. In the old. In the damp. With a sleeping bag over my head. I was actually in a house. With a roof. And carpet.

After I blogged I knew I had to hurry because I had a lot of stuff I had to get done. After Christian handed me coffee while finishing up my blog, thank you, I quickly went outside to take down my tent.

I laid out the wet parts of the tent and I went inside to shower. I kept rounding things up and taking them outside to put in a pile to pack. I came back inside to stuff my face with food and Christian helped me make my sign.

They had cool wall of skateboards. Like each guy had one and you could tell when someone wasn’t home. Lol

I finallly got all my stuff packed and ready to go.

In the mean time Christian was helping one of the guys with his car. The battery in his remote control to his car died. It died somehow and the alarm triggered and wouldn’t stop. They popped the hood and tried disconnecting the alarm. Christian even took apart the remote to move the battery around to hopefully get it to work again? I was curious if the grocery store had the battery. So I walked over there and found one. Popped it in and everything seemed to work. Then he needed some tie straps to mount the head of the alarm, I had some of those in my ‘Fix’ bag. I said a final goodbye and grabbed a pic with Lierd.

Said a final goodbye to everyone and Christian took me to the outskirts of the city to get a hitch.

(I really DO look like I’m half the size I used to be 😳)

He dropped me off at a gas station and we said our final goodbyes.

(He’s proud of his sign) I like the added smiley touch.

He left in his friends car and I stood there for about 10 minutes with my sign as people left the gas station. I decided it was better across the street where there was more cars going by. I waited for about 20 minutes and a guy from behind me pulling out of a restraint area asked where I was heading. (He couldn’t see my sign since I figured the most people on the street would be able to but it was highly unlikely that I would get a ride from that way) I told him Picton or as far north as he can go. He said he could drive me a little north but that was the end of his line. I quickly hopped in as cars were stacking up behind us. He was a worker that just finished up a shift. He said he did the roundabouts and other street stuff. Pretty cool stuff. He drove me 20 minutes and dropped me off in a better spot to get lifts from right on the way to where I was headed.

I probably stood at the next spot with my sign for 30-40 min. It’s when I posted a pic on Instagram / Facebook.

A guy drove past and pulled over. It looked like he wasn’t stopping for me but started backing up. He moved some stuff so I could hop in. He usually would have his kids in the back but because he didn’t, I could hop in. He drove me 40 minutes further. He had run a sports building that had soccer and hockey and basketball.. kind of like a rec room. He did that for a long time then moved into his degree. He had an engineering degree. He was now working as an advisor to a cultural place? Basically he made plans to make the lakefront area nicer and he had to pitch the idea and get people to go along with it. My memory sucks. We had also talked about faith and he said he had had more faith before then there was a drastic change in his faith and he had lost it. Verryyy sadly..his wife was pregnant with their first child and lost it like a day before it was due. Then the second time she got pregnant her water broke a few weeks before it was due and they many Christians praying for them and they really relied on faith and God to save their child. ..they ended up losing it. 😔

I didn’t.. and don’t know what to say in those situations. I don’t have the answers. He said he didn’t know if he believed anymore. I had told him I did.. and I don’t know why those thugs happen.. I told him to be on the lookout though because I would pray that he would see signs that the Lord is still with him. He said he hopes that one day he will be able to see them again I heaven. Nice man.

He dropped me off kind of in the middle of a highway / main rd that not many people were coming down. He headed towards his hike and I walked a little bit to where a nice pull off would be if anyone needed to pick me up.

I think I waited there an hour?? There were lots of people turning in and out of that rd but not many going past in my direction.. I was kind of puzzled. I had heard a rd closed like a week ago from someone so I checked the local road closings on my phone and it seemed like everything was ok? I started to look at nearby campgrounds.. there was one a 40 min walk back the direction I came. I started talking to God. Alright.. where do you want me to go?? It’s like 45 seconds between groups of 4 cars going my way. Everyone read my sign and just drove past. I was getting cold so I put my jacket and gloves on. Lord!! What do you want me to do?? A guy drove past in his SUV and pulled over to the side of the road in front of me. 😅😂

I dropped my stuff in his backseat and hopped in. He drove me for 2 hours. His name was Derrin. He was dressed up like a business guy and his job was to overlook archeology digs and make sure the indigenous artifacts and bones were properly taken care of. He was a vey smart man and quite intellectual. He said after I got in the car “i need to hurry, this road closes at 7:30pm up ahead.”

?? This road closes?? He said, ” you didn’t see the flashing sign right before the road you were standing at?” No? “Yea it was flashing that the road was closing ahead at 7:30” (I just zoomed into that picture.. I can see the back of the orange sign he was referring to. I guess I was caught up in conversation with the previous guy)

(It was like 6pm) So that’s why no one was coming that way because the road was going to close soooooon. That makes a lot more sense. I would have never gotten a ride if he hadn’t picked me up..and I wouldn’t have known why. He was bookin it for an hour and a half and was talking about a gate that they will close at 7:30. So I guess a year and a half ago, there was an earthquake and it messed up the roads pretty bad. At night it’s too dangerous to drive on those roads plus the construction crews fixed the roads at night. He’s an interesting guy and was born in NZ. It seems most Kiwis have traveled and lived many parts of the world and aren’t afraid to quit and job and travel. He said the US is opposite. He tracked through the US for 4 months and consistently was asked about what job and he or planned to have when he got back and how everyone thought he was crazy for not having a job lined up. We agreed on a lot of things like that. He always picked up hitchhikers as he was a proud kiwi. Anyone that has ever picked me up has hitch hiked themselves, so they all understood what it was like in my shoes. I’ll be picking up hikers from now on as should you. You never know who it could be. I had prayed whoever pick me up that I could help them in some way.

He was on his way home from a meeting. He said there was no way I was getting to Picton tonight because the 2nd gate, past where he was going would already be closed. We barelyyyy made it through the gate. Guys were getting ready to head home me for the day. It was about 7:10 and the gates closed at 7:30. He said most people wouldn’t go that way because they understood that the gates would be closing and wouldn’t be able to make it all the way through. He dropped me off at a campground in his home town. It was 7:30pm.. the campground office closed at 8pm. Lol. He didn’t believe in coincidences and neither do I. He said if I got up and walked a bit north to where I felt like I was a little outside of town.. the next main gate opens at 7:30am and there would be a bunch of people heading my direction. It opens at 7:30am and closes at 7:30pm. There are no more gates after that one.

Let me recap. He might have been the final person to head that way.. we barely made it though a gate that closed an hour and half from where I was. There was nothing between those two points. We just got to the campground in time for me to get a tent spot. He then proceeded to tell me the time and place to be for my next ride. You REALLY think these are all coincidences?? Like right after I’m praying. Really? Yea maybe once a month something like this might happen to you.. but as I have placed my faith fully in the Lord on this trip, these things happen DAILY.

Moving on.

Anyway. I made it another 3 hours north today and he told me a few places I should visit as I’m passing through the north island. He also said it was cheaper to get my ferry ticket online. That’s what’s at Picton, the ferry from the South Island to the north island.

I setup my tent and pulled out some food to cook in the kitchen area. After some unknowingly spicy noodles, a blueberry muffin, two slices of raisin bread and a beef jerky stick I head back to my tent.

Sooo I need to get up about 6 to catch the line of cars waiting to get out of here. Now I need to get out of my warm sleeping bag and go brush my teeth. Blah!


I read something recently..

“When life puts you in tough situations, Don’t say, ‘Why me’ just say ‘Try me’ ”

I can’t explain why good things happen to bad people or why 1000 people pray to save a baby’s life and it still dies. I can’t explain why it seems life hears my plea and helps me. I can’t make you believe anything I pray means anything anyway. All I can do is plant seeds of hope and faith and pray one rainy day those seeds will grow.

“Don’t lose Hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. ” -unknown


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