Day 26. A taste of Civilization


I came indoors yesterday to use the potty and have some food. I might have mentioned that I grabbed a fruit loaf (raisin bread) at the store. Had a banana and some chips and sat down on the friends couch. One of the fellows, Lierd (pronounced like weird but with an L) was walking around and I offered him one of my many extremely large bananas. We got to talking and I think we talked all afternoon as I waited for Christian to come back.

All of the guys in this house are going to ‘Uni’ (university..aka college) and I guess he had already missed his first two lectures and it was pouring out, so he was just taking the day off. He is studying Computer Science and I told him about my first two associates degrees in computers and how Cancer changed my mind to head into movie stuffs. Lol he said he spends most lecture days 3D modeling in Blender (its a free modeling program) so we connected on our common interests and he said he had always wanted to work on movies and I kind of felt like I was advising a younger me on what to do, and where to go. We talked about the future of AI and how all the smartest people out there are trying to stay away from it. We both agreed that when it happens it will be great!… then very bad. It will realize we are the virus on this earth. Your imagination can go from there.

He was very interested in my DAVE school work and the hard models we had to create. Then the reference videos I made of myself and animating a character to do the same. We talked about video games and the first game he ever played on the PlayStation was Last of Us. 🤤🤤🤤

I we talked about how AMAZING that game was and how it made you really care about the characters. He thought all video games were like that.. nooo. It spoiled him. Then we talked about how the score (music) always makes the game THAT much better. Then we listened to a bunch of video game soundtracks. Lol. A real 🤓 afternoon.

In the mean time I think I ate half of loaf of raisin bread right out of the bag. 😅 Hey. It’s good!

Christian and Lewis came back drenched. I thought they took the car but I guess Lewis was on a bicycle and Christian was running. It was raining pretty hard. It actually rained the rest of the night. So there are 6 guys that live here and they have a system where each guy cooks for the rest and cleans up at the end. While we talked and eventually started playing a skateboarding game a guy in the kitchen started cutting up chicken breasts. (I wish I remembered all their names) He was cooking for like 2 hours! He made a lot of food and I didn’t want to feel like they needed to feed me as well. So I just went by the door and hovered around there for a bit. I wasn’t hungry anyway. Lol. I guess I was kind of quiet because I heard Leird start talking about me. “Man he has done everything’s in life that I have wanted to do”. And the guys were asking him, like what? What an awkward position. Do I sneak outside or say something. Lol. I quickly poked my head around the corner and said “Everything. ” 😅😅

I walked around them and back into the living room to rejoin Christian.

We played that game for an hour or two. I guess I caught on kind of quick. I felt like gaming was my home. My lovely escape from this world.

Christian snapped this shot of me. Baseball bat for intruders or it’s just someone’s bat..?

Christian loves beer. We of course needed to go to the grocery right across the road and I needed to get more groceries since I plan on leaving tomorrow. I had to make sure I didn’t get a ton. I will be taking this all on my back instead of the last few days of letting the car carry my food.

Christian ended up getting an extra case of beer for his friends as a thank you, and I got a bunch of doughnuts for them and some misc other food. He got Becks beer. “Now that’s a real German beer”

A few of the guys asked if I wanted to sleep on the couch since it was still raining outside. I thought about it, then accepted. I went out to my tent and grabbed my sleeping bag and pillow. Everything was damp. I was happy that I would be actually inside for once in a long time. I wouldn’t even have to wake up freezing! 😄

Brushed my teeth and turned the lights out. Him on his huge inflatable mattress out of his car and me on my small couch. We talked to Christian for a bit about life / women / dating. Sadly he doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram. No real social media. Only email. He said he would invite me to his wedding when he got married, and I said the same. Lol. Who knows if I’ll see him again after tomorrow or not.

I told him that he has been a highlight of this trip. I know he will be reading this, but I wanted to say in our short time together he has been like a brother to me. We had a lot of laughs and good times. We shared many beautiful views together. I’ll get a good picture of him before I leave. He was reading my blog yesterday as I was playing games laughing at my comments about him being like smeagle. I thought the only way we could communicate was email but he reminded me that we have the app ‘whatsapp’. A free program that you can text any one anywhere in the world for free. Except. It’s linked to my Canadian number. After I move back to the US I don’t think I’ll have it anymore. Gonna miss you man! He flies up to Auckland in 2 days where he will be around there for a couple days visiting another friend. I could just go to the airport and fly there as well. Buuuuut I think that would be cheating. Lol

I have 10 days to get there and see as many places along the way. It’s on the North island so I’ll have to hitch about 630 miles (1018 km) There’s a ferry that goes between the islands I’ll have to take. I’ll see about stopping at Method studios and checking it the Lord of the Rings stuff on the way. I also wanted to kayak perhaps at some point?

It hit me yesterday how this trip is rapidly coming to a close. Almost in a hurry I need to head north.


(I’m letting Christian do this part today)

“You know how it rained all day long yesterday.. Bob Marley has this saying that, ‘some people feel the rain and others just get wet’ It’s all in your perspective.”

That’s good! I’m being greedy and asking for another. 😄

Matthew 12:50

50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

(Lolllll I just recorded him talking for 6 minutes, he didn’t know) I’ll edit and post it sometime.

I figure most of you have heard a lot about him but know nothing about how he looks and speaks. Basically that the Lords family covers the entire world and when you travel you always have a family and people will go out of heir way to help.

My thoughts for the day:

If you have been following along.. I have planned NOTHING. Life plans for you. ‘Some how’..I have ended up in a good place every night. Looking ahead there are worrying thoughts about me covering a large amount of miles and stepping out of my comfort zone again.

You fear what you don’t know or don’t understand. BUT, if you have that undercurrent of peace in your life… you KNOW everything will work out. When you plan things, there are so many chances for you to get let down when your plans don’t work out. So why plan things? Unmet expectations = disappointment and frustration.

I saved these two images from a few days ago:


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