Day 22. Rain? What Rain?


I set my alarm to wake up at 8am but I woke up at 7:30 instead because it seemed the world around me was up and moving.

I knew I had to get all my things packed and return a tag from my tent by 10am. So I needed to move quick. I was hoping Christian would sleep in a bit. I know many people think it’s too cramped etc to sleep in the back of a car, but at least you’re out of all the weather.

(I got a couple hours of sleep last night. We plan to do some huge hike tm. One of the hikes is 2200 steps up this mountain.. kill me. Can’t. Stay. Awake. But we need to leave at a decent time the the morning. Le sigh.)

7:42am (talking about the day before)

So I got most of everything packed but I need to tryyy and let my tent dry out before I put it away.

I go and take my key back and get a text from Christian that he just parked some place and crawled in the back to sleep. He would come in a bit and to take my time. Cool. We talked about going to a grocery store and picking up some more food. I finally get all the stuff in my backpack and he arrives. Right on time.

I heave my backpack on and when we get to his car I lay it down on his air mattress in the back.

It’s nice to be in a car again instead of hauling everything on my back. He wanted to head to a second hand shop to get another backpack or something he can put everything in to fly home. It’s right before the town anyway. His car was broken into a little bit ago in a nice neighborhood where no one even locks their front doors. I guess I can’t say broken into because the doors weren’t locked. But all they took was hisbackpack. Had a few of his clothes in it, but most importantly it didn’t have any money or his passport in it. Thank the lord.

Keep in mind all of my technology says it’s supposed to rain all day. There were clouds but wasn’t raining. Hm

We go in and look around this thrift shop. Head towards the back we find some big old suitcases for $5. He grabs a big green one. Tests out the sturdy ness of it and takes it. I try on a $20 sport coat.. and say “what do you think? A new classy hiker?” Lol. I really should have taken a picture.

We head out of there and go to the grocery store next door. He heads right for the apples and I head towards the peaches. Their peaches are Amazing. I get a few then get a few apples. I get a tiny bit more than I usually would only knowing that we will put it in his car and will be eating on the way. I also get a bag of chips, two blueberry muffins and some mango fruit juice. I love me some mango.

I can’t really tell that I’m losing weight except that my pants are now relative big and I keep trying to tighten up my belt. It’s hard to tighten and takes a while so I usually just give up and leave them a tiny bit baggy. I also noticed in the shower that my legs were all of a sudden much more muscular! 😂 Kind of surprised me actually. Look at those calfs! I was doing 60 push-ups in the morning and at night till I came to NZ. it seems my arm and chest muscle has been migrating to my lower half. Ah well. The muscles I most use I guess.

We take off in the car heading to Mount Cook. About a 2ish hour drive north.

It seems the clouds in the distance are all around us except for over us. The weather is perfect and sunny.

We stop like tourists every time we see a scenic view. I think we stopped 6 times. Lol

We just talk about life and for a bit I plug my phone into his strep system and we listen to some of Mere Christianity. We says someone told him to stop off at this ‘Clay Cliffs’ area. Sure ! About an hourish into our drive.

We pull off where the sign says and drive down a gravel road for what seems to be a long time. I guess this hike / view thing is on someone else’s property. There is a gate and it says to put $5 in the metal pole for cars and $20 for busses or walk there. We look up how far it is to walk. Ehhh I’ll just pay the five bucks. I get out as he puts the money in the slot and I go over and take the chain off the gate and open it. Must be nice having a bit of extra cash to have a neat view on your property. Closing the gate behind his car I hop back in and we head out. I’m kind of glad we paid the $5 instead of walking because the sun is hot! We drive about 10 min down this windy gravel road and see these odd looking cliffs.

They remind me of a giant ant hill or bee hive. Lol I guess they are made of clay?

Oh yea, Christian walked barefoot. Lol. I used to have enough calluses on my feet to do that when I took tar Kwon do and had to walk around barefoot.

As we got closer this place reminded me of a Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk gets beamed down to another planet that looked like these cliffs.

We wind our way up in the car and come to a dead end where people have left their cars. We go on foot from here. I grab a bottle of water and we head out. It’s only a 10 min walk before we get to this:

Haha. Photo by Christian. We meet a couple people on the way and I take several photos of a girl who plans to move to LA in a few months.

Just past that clay wall it looks like a dead end. But I could hear someone using their drone. Gahhh … I neeeed to go get mine. It slips my mind that I have one while enjoying the scenery. I also have to remember to take more photos because I’m usually so in the moment.

We take the quick hike back to the car to get my drone and he takes off his shirt. “I only have a few good shirts, don’t want to get this one sweaty” I wish I could do that or I would would be wearing a bright red T-shirt for a few days.

It’s basically a big dead-end but just beyond the left spike of clay there was a further ‘room’ to go up a gravely incline. The higher the better! I’m now equipped with my drone. I climb to the to of the last room and take a picture looking backward:

Sooo. Lol. In this ‘room’ I’m in. I try to setup my drone. There is 0 flat ground in the entire area. I take it out and have it in one hand and my case less phone attached to the controller in the other. Two very important and expensive things. So I have them in each hand trying to climb kinda wet / gravely / clay ground. Not my best idea.. I set the drone down on a slanted but grass less area. I have both feet planted in a groove and set it on a title higher ledge. One foot braces down lower and one foot up a little higher than where the drone would be still in the groove. Hard to explain. I cross my fingers and start the motor. Tip. When using a drone, as soon as the propellers start, it hops a little. Why didn’t I notice that before? Wellll it hops itself right down to were my legs are and the blades start slicing into my right calf. Lol. Ouch! I’m glad that it popped up with a propeller error and stopped though. Didn’t realize the tiny props were so sharp!

besides the bloody slices, I’ve decided it’s a thing that when I get too hot I unzip my lower portion of pants and just let them drop. Lol

Wellll that failed. Drone got a bit dirty but was ok. I hadn’t given up yet. I climbed a bit higher, but came to the conclusion there was no decent place to set it. I knew a spot in the first room that I could have but I got too greedy. Now that I think about it. I could have set the thing out by the car and just flew it in…whyyy do I feel like I physically need to be there to get the shot. Just a natural thing I guess. Not used to not having to be where a picture is taken.

I slide down the clay hill on my butt with both expensive toys in my hand being supperrr careful not to drop either one. I put them back in their cases and back in my backpack to go further down. Safer and smarter.

Meanwhile Christian is climbing rocks like a monkey and has sat and laughed at me from his high wall. Very impressive that he is doing all this barefoot.

I get to a nice flat spot and set it up my drone again. Boom. Flies perfectly. Connects to gps. And up up and away!

I take some video clips and download a few photos to my phone.

Why do I find it necessary to hide the controller in my pictures? I guess I feel like it ruins the magic. Lol..? Like who took that picture from 200ft in the air??

I make quick work because we had already been at his ‘short stop’ for several hours. 😅

Heading backdown to the car:

Still. An awesome view. Everywhere I look is like eye candy for me.

We start driving again and make our way back to the main road and continue on. We take a few more stops. We can see it raining ahead. Of course there has to be a rainbow. With some tweaks of contrast and a very subtle vignette:

Cooool! I guess under water is where skittles are made.

Also the color of the water is that same color, ya crazy!

We start to feel VERY small.

Almost there!

We finally pull into this small campground.

The mountains are so high they go right into the clouds. You would think it would be colder? I guess his is also is a do it yourself campground. Fill out info on a tag and put your money in a small plastic bag ($13 / night) and put it in a metal pole.

Anti Igor sign:

We were told to come to this campground and do the Hooker trail. 😂 I kid you not.

It seems most people down find this as funny as I do.

I get my stuff out which is still wet so I lay it out before putting my tent up.

Nice view eh?

Christian starts to make food for us, shells and spaghetti sauce. I tell him he doesn’t have to feed me, but he said package was more than he could eat anyway. So while I setup and dry everything he is slaving over his hot portable stove. Lol

There is another German guy in a rented van beside us. We start talking and he offers some beer to us. It starts to rain. We open the hatch on the back of both vehicles and try to stay dry while chatting, watching the clouds roll over the mountain as and Christian has a small speaker that is playing some good beats.

Full heart. Happy belly.

It rained all night. Some of the stuff I had on was damp but it quickly dried once I got in my tent and tried blogging. Lol.


It’s pretty crazy how meeting people broadens anything you could do in your own life.

Talk to people. It’s extremely hard for me, but I understand the benefits of having new people with new life experiences and things that they can add to your life are really priceless. All you have to do is say something.

The two guys have been waiting on me for the past hour and a half, while speaking German and eating.

Word of the day:

The more that we allow our hearts to expand to love, deeply appreciate, and feel inextricably tied to the places, things and people of this world, the more we are likely to take a stand on behalf of what we value.



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  1. I’m glad that you and Christian have met. It’s nice to have someone to share the experience with you. And, I am glad he shares a lot of the same views on life! The scenery is amazing!

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