Day 4.

Taking the day off tomorrow, will blog all bout it when I awaken from my slumber. Goodnight! Or good morning to everyone else.

Day 2 and 3 – a grueling pace

10:09pm This will probably be a pretty long blog post so hold onto your knickers.. So yesterday we picked up from our campground at 7:30am and taken to the office in charge of this trek. The HumpRidge Track. I guess a handful of people…

Day 2. Exhausted..

11:17pm. All day hiking. Energy zapped. I’ll type two posts tomorrow, falling asleep just typing these few sentences. Lights out

Day 1 …night

10:46pm. (4am in TO and IN time..but the day before. Isn’t that complicated…but cool?) I’m sitting in my tent, with my head lamp on, with my collapsible Bluetooth keyboard, typing words to my phone that is being charged by my power bank. Lol. A…

Day 1 – Planes and Buses

Day 1. Planes and Busses First of all, thanks for following along! This trip is going to be dangerous, scary, crazy, unpredictable, faith filled, happy, and exciting. Igor is a prettier big planner.. and I. Am not. I find a general broad path and a…