Day 11. The calm before the storm.

9:23 PM Today, NZ time, is dedicated to Igor. This guy is one of the most selfless guys I know. He just wants to make others happy and that makes him happy. He is super shy and isn’t exactly a people person but thinks…

Day 10. Bits of Adrenaline

11:44am So its was Igor’s last full day in NZ so we wanted to cram as much fun stuff in as we had time to. Whatever we wanted to do, just do it. After I blogged we packed smaller backpacks and headed into town….

Day 10. In the morning.


Day 9. Beautiful Sites on a warm day

Like 10am? Igor and I hadn’t done much communicating from the night before. We talked about planning out what to do and just never did. Him wanting a picnic table and me not caring about it lead to a break in communication. We didn’t…

Day 9 ish

You guessed it. I’m going to blog in the morning (for me). Long and fun day. Night

Day 8. The Biggest Adventure Town in the World

9:40pm Wednesday night. I don’t think ill post this until tomorrow as I’m waiting to hear back a date from Kristi Giamoni, my Hope Hike donation person for the day. Kristi’s mother, Debbie Johnston, was diagnosed with ovarian Cancer on Valentine’s Day 2010, and…

Day 7. Boats and Worms

Here it’s Wednesday the 14th so it’s kind of confusing when to make dedications. But today (yesterday?) is dedicated to ALICIA KEISER! Happy Birthday to you also! She wanted today to be dedicated to her uncle Gary Sokol. Sadly he passed in 2014. He…

Day 7 To Be Continued..

12:33am Just got back to the campgrounds. Checkout is 10am. I’ll blog in the AM! Word of the day: “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. ” -HH Dalai Lama XIV

Day 5 and 6. Recuperation.

10:53pm Monday Blogging about Sunday and today. I don’t have any epic stories for Sunday and today was kind of only a traveling day. Sunday was the first day we didn’t have to get up to go anywhere. We slept in and it was…

Day 4. Jealous of Igor’s Helicopter Ride

1:26 PM Sunday Blogging about yesterday. We were put into a room with another young girl and guy and I came in late the night before from typing my blog. Woke up accumulating more pain than the day before. Legs, calves, shoulders. We had…