Day 21. Decide and Go


It’s been raining and it looks like it will continue. I’ve decided in the last 30 minutes that I need to do the Isthmus Peak today. It’s a 35 min drive, I’ll probably have to hitch. Then a 5-6 hour loop. Might take me 7..? 1386m high. This map says it’s hard with rain, harder. It will be extremely difficult but hopefully the view at the top will be worth it.

Today is for my bro Aaron! I told him I would dedicate the day to all the fallen soldiers that gave their life for the US. All the service men and women. He didn’t give a specific date, so I chose today as this will be a grueling climb.

Aaron has been like blood to me. Brothers from other mothers but we couldn’t be closer. He loves to make people laugh and we ALWAYS have a good time when we are together. I wish I could see him more often.. He now serves in the US Navy and I couldn’t be more proud of him. You’re a big deal bro! So as I climb my way up with slippery slope, it will be for all the fallen soldiers. Thank you Aaron for your donation.

I’ll finish up my blog from last night when I return.

Fueled by faith.

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