Day 19. The aftermath


I believe I left off yesterday after blogging for 4 hours and I was hungry! I went back to the same Glenorchy Hotel/Bar/Restaurant. Hobbling all the way there. I realized that my legs would barely support me starting out the day. Pain-fulll.

I ordered a giant hamburger and fries. Food is supposed to heal the body right? I think I watched most of my first Cricket game ever on the tv. No real idea what the rules are. I’m sure I’m in the minority of people reading this? Everyday I start to feel drained by like 7pm. My bod needs that sleep. It was about 10 or 11pm when I finally laid my head down on my little inflatable gray pillow.

Walking back to the campground.

I woke up right on time.. 8:30am.. on time because it seems everyone is hustling and bustling around. I had to find the hole in my sleeping bag top where I cinched it closed aroundmy head. Then stick an arm out into the cold.. tap around blindly beside me to get my phone then suck the arm back into my bag with my phone. It’s cold out there! Turned it on to check the time.

The sun was slowly beginning to shine and I had no data left. I needed to get to the bottom of that. After about 30 minutes I figured out how to get an online chat going with Spark Support. (My phone service) After going back and forth with the agent I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t blindly throw money at a problem. I was using data at 30 cents per mb. It was considered ‘casual data’ I think. She even agreed it was expensive. Well she gave me a gb for free and said if I needed to put more on it, go into my spark website and put it on the data plan she just gave me. Oook. So now I would be using the data amount rather than the 30 cents / mb. Whew. Got that sorted out and it was starting to get hot in my tent. The sun is in-tents here. 🙃 har d har

My legs decided that today would be mostly a non-productive day. I had decided I wanted a bit of alone time with God. Preferably with a view. Lol My legs almost buckled under me getting out of my tent. I was semi hungry and decided to explore a tiny bit. Also walking will help my legs. Instead of just walking the normal way down the street heading towards food, I took a street over and found a tiny little building that was the church. Probably had enough room for.. 8 pews? Like the size of a master bedroom. The door was open and there was no one in there. I went in and sat at the first pew. Spent about 30 min in there just kind of praying and asking where I should go and what to do and who to talk to. This was now his trip, not mine. I usually don’t go too much into religion as the generation I live in is pretty sensitive about the word ‘Church’ and ‘Christian’ and ‘Religion’. I prefer to become friends and sprinkle facts of faith on their life and to show that as your friend I won’t judge you and I ALWAYS keep my word. I like to feel dependable. It’s really hard to find people out there who do what they say they are going to do. Thank you dad for engraining into me that giving my word was the most important thing I could give to anyone was.

(I had found what I wanted… with a view lol)

I drop all my change into the donation box and go in search of food.

Instead of going to the normal Glenorchy Hotel for food I crossed the street to another small restaurant. I go in and order a decent sized breakfast. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten mushrooms that big before?

I order hot lemon tea and I get honey with it. Actually the best combination I’ve had of tea. It was really good and I feel like tea is soothing to a persons body. No idea why. It’s just a thing. I watch the 2 waitresses run around waiting on people and becoming pretty flustered. I’m sorry Chinese people, the impression you make on these people who work in NZ from my point of view has not been a good one. I saw one guy yell at the waitress, “Coffee! Now!! Omelette!!”. Then another younger waitress, two walked in and said “coffee!!” She tried to tell them to go to the counter to order by way of pointing several times and motioning that they need to order over theeree. Here in NZ, anytime you want food or drink, you grab a menu, then go to the bar to order aand pay for your meal. They give you a number and you go sit down till they bring it to you. Another big difference is there’s no tipping here. You can if you want but it will just go into a jar fir everyone to split at the end of the day. So you will never be asked or charged for tip anywhere here. Of course it’s kind of nice, but a part of me feels like it effects your service? Like they don’t really need to care at all since they aren’t working for tips.

Anyway I never got a napkin with my food so I gently ask a server coming in from the outside carrying dishes. She points around the corner and said they are over there, kind of get as many as you need. It kind of cane across as rude, but I didn’t feel that way because I could tell even just for breakfast they were stressed. No problem. I had some sticky honey on my finger and it transferred to my tea cup, then the palm of my hand. Thought I could make it to the end of my meal. Nope. It was spreading. Grabbed a few napkins and the same waitress came back over a few min later and said that she had been kind of rude and gave me a stack of them. Like most severs or people working, they usually ask where you are from, how long you’re staying, and what your next plan is. I talk about hiking and how I want to head to Wanaka next, so she pulls out her phone to show me pictures on Instagram of the recent hikes she has done. She’s really into photography, so I add her and she starts to ask what the Hope Hike is.. So I tell her all about it, come to find out both her parents sadly died from different kinds of Cancer. I tell her, that’s the main reason I’m hiking, for people like her and her parents.

When she first came over she was saying how she couldn’t wait to get off work to go hiking. After our discussion she asks if I want to go on one with her. Ehhh I don’t think my thighs can handle a hike today. So she says ok just a walk along the lake. Yea why not. She got off in like 4 hours. Cool, I didn’t have anything really planned today anyway. Her name is Fiona. lol like princess Fiona from Shrek.

I head down to the lake and walk along the beach.. enjoying how lovely the water is and trying to soak in the views as a few years from now this will all just be a faint memory.

I walk back the 10 minutes to head to the campground, stopping and getting toothpaste, another small gas canister, some beef jerky, and some small cans of tuna and chicken. It’s so nice and warm out.

I painfully squat and get into my tent. I just lay down and have an accidental nap. Those are lovely. I get up and go take a shower and see a couple that has like 15 pears..? Weird.

I get a message where to meet Fiona and I get a small backpack together for a short walk. She ends up giving me directions to her house. I know what you are all thinking. No. It’s not like that. I go into her place and it’s a really cool 2 story small cottage..? It’s like a loft but cabin like? Very nicely decorated she has a few instruments scattered about and this clothing line across her living room about 8ft high it has about 20 hand sized paper squares each each with different. I guess each traveler she had over writes their own life quote and clips them to this string. Cool idea! Everyone in NZ is really friendly and tourist welcoming. I usually take the more expensive things from my tent as I don’t trust just leaving things in my tent for a long period of time. I’ve slowly learned that people just don’t do that here. I’ve never heard of any theft. It has to be some kind of back packers rule or just the fact that people wanting to escape from their lives for a while, aren’t the stealing type.

I plop on the couch and she asks if I would rather just hang outside and relax than go for a long walk. Anyway, we end up outside with her beautiful view of the mountains playing frisbee and going to checkout her neighbors horses. Oh yeaaa before that, another girl walked in to the house and I recognize her from the restaurant also. Danny was her name.. maybe short for Danielle. She came in all in a friz. She was a kiwi and talked really fast. She had so many stories from work and how this person treated her like crap and I said I saw those two guys yell coffee at you and how you tried to get them to the front counter. Her flustered faces for all her stories was so funny. I heard how waitresses get treated my the young, the middle aged, the Chinese, and the elderly. Behind the scenes of a kiwi servers life.

Fiona was a super positive person. Good vibes only. Carpe Diem tattooed on her foot. All about, if you’re a nice person and you put out good happy vibes, good things will come your way. She like to paint, and play music. There were maracas, and a guitar in the corner, and other small instruments that she said sometimes she will have people over just to have a music night. Very chill person.

She was right, she had an amazing view of the mountains from her back yard.

(Jump back in time.. as I was walking to her place I saw a pear tree. So that’s where they got all those pears!)

Anywho, her and Dani planned on going to this essential oils thing. So we all walked back close to my campground and says our goodbyes. What’s funny is that Danny decided that she wasn’t going to wear shoes.. it’s a common thing here!

I ask her about cheap food in town and groceries. She also tells me about a post office box at a petrol gas station. She said if I went back to her work to have dinner, ask for it to be ‘take away’ food and it would be half off. Nice! Basically to go food is a lot cheaper and I never knew.

Dropped off my small bag of stuff at my tent and went to get some take away food. I went back and ordered chicken pasta and ate it at a table around the corner. lol.

There are tons of these hippy looking vans. They all have some kind of writing on them.

I eat half of the food and take the rest back to my tent. I plan to make a break for another city tm.

Hitching alllll the wayyy

No picture of Fiona or Danny. I think the reason I don’t get pictures with girls is that most people see the picture of the girl and I, and just assume I’m dating her, or there’s something more than friends going on. It’s never the case.


Sometimes in life we are put on hold from moving further because it’s best for us. We need to remain where we are till we learn the lesson, or meet people we were supposed to meet, or to protect us from something bad happening.

It’s exhausting always being outside of your comfort zone..

I’m about halfway through this adventure. I see people come and go or a few arrive safely back at home. I would be lying if I said that a tiny part of me didn’t want to be back in a normal bed.

Word of the day:

Grateful eyes look at each thing as if they had never seen it before and caress it as if they would never see it again.



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