Day 15. A ok escape

8:25 am. Toes are cold. Fingers are cold.

So yesterday I came out of my cocoon like a moth. Not a butterfly. How it felt anyway. Had a hot shower with the window open because you don’t close them so when skin wasn’t touching the water it was cold!

Headed to the restaurant so at least my fingers would move faster to type my blog and Anne-Marie, (driving from Queenstown at her hostel) joined me there and we had a decent breakfast.

No idea what to do. So she just drove. Rain rain rain. Got to Queenstown 40 min later. It’s quite a hike from Queenstown to Glenorchy. It was nice of her. She said it was that or stay in her hostel all day.

Oh yea, we picked up a hitchhiker at Glenorchy after we ate heading to Queenstown. His name was Phil. Older gentleman but still quite the adventurer. He said he didn’t know about the cyclone and got caught in it up on the mountain. Said he hiked all day in the rain. Horrible.

Dropped him off at his hostel and decided we would go to Wanaka. I take recommendations from locals and more than one person said to go there and hike up a trail. She had advice from a friend to go to a certain place and eat their scones? I dunno. I’m along for the ride and the company. She also was in search of pavlova? Never heard of it so she showed me a picture:

Ummm yes please!

It’s like an hour to hour and a half to Wanaka. Heading up into the mountains, I had heard of checkpoints where everyone pulls over and the cops make sure you have chains that you know how to put on your car. We were heading up into a snowy area when we saw a bunch of people on the side of the road. She was like, we need to turn back. I don’t have chains. She is also getting anxiety from driving up these sheer cliffs on one side. Kind of jokingly I say I could drive. Mind you… this is the opposite side of the road.. opposite side of the car.. the turn signal and windshield levers are on opposite sides. Heh. She quickly pulls off and says “ok I’ll take you up on that”. Also. She has known me for less than 24 hours and is letting me drive her rented car which only has insurance in her name. Welllll I took it as a challenge. I adapt well to machines and motored things. Changing 36 years of one thing in my brain in his instant would be tougher. I kept saying over and over, “left is right left is right left is right” and anytime I turned my windshield was spotless. 😂 I messed that one up all day. I had to keep a hand on the blinker so I didn’t hit the windshield wipers.

Anywho we pull up to the top where we thought they were checking for chains but it’s just a ton of Asians pulled over to take pictures at a scenic overlook. No offense to Asians, but there was nothing to see! Clouds! Sometimes I think sheeple do things because everyone else is. “Hey there are lots of people in that line.. I want to be in that line!” “Look at all the people pulled over to take pictures… we need to pull over and take pictures!” Anywayyyy. We drove in and drove out.

It was very interesting driving on the other side of the road honestly.

So we arrive at Wanaka and really don’t know where to go. We spot a lake ahead and just go there. So we get out in the rain and decide to walk along it’s shore jumping over the small streams that cut off the beach in so many places.

What a dreary day.

We see a bunch more Chinese people all gathered and taking tons of pictures of something on the lake. So I’ll be a sheeple and walk over so I can take the picture they are all lining up to take.

Cool pic. They love that tree.

Also.. if there is anyone reading who is foreign or of the Asian decent.. pleaaase teach your kids not to throw rocks at the ducks. I have seen it a lot actually. Ducks will come over like you have food but instead get hit with rocks. Grrrrr

We head back to the car and figure we will find that scone place. I take a picture showing that I’m on the wrong side and the view from the car. We have similar tastes in music. She is playing Ed Sherin.

These are scones for anyone that doesn’t know. Some kind of pastry.

I realized going straight on a highway is one one thing driving, but tiny stressful situations I revert back to what I know. Like I’m pretty sure I drove on the wrong side of a parking lot for 3 laps to find a place to park. Also every time I looked left to see the side mirror I just looked at the passenger seat. Weird.

Found that place that was recommended. Sat down.

Only in a place like this will you see people with trekking poles while getting a cup of coffee.

We both have different scones so we can try the others. Meh. Not a big fan. Not sure what the big deal was. We spend some time there looking for a place that has pavlova. Even asking some of her local friends. It’s supposed to be a big thing here in NZ. She points at a town on the way back and says we should try there.

So we head out. Drive drive drive. City. Very small city where you pass the city center quickly. Of course most of it’s closed. It’s like 6pm now.

Realized the other thing we had or lunch our stomachs tell us. So we just head beck to Queenstown and park to find some food.

We head towards my favorite lake to see FINALLY the rain is clearing..

We do that thing where while your walking you check the menus of about 5 places to eat and always go back to the first one. Igor knows what I’m talking about.

Forgot the name of the restaurant but it was cool. A Dj was setting up and we had dinner while they played regular music over head. We just kind of hung out there for a while. Lots of people watching. Then when the dj had setup we liked to laugh at peoples dancing. Not in a mean way, but for some reason everyone dancing was in sweatpants and some guys had fanny packs on. They looked really young too. Like we were at a middle school dance. Very interesting experience. Finally we head out and I drive myself back to my campground. I counted 10 possums / love animals I had to watch out for. Not a normal thing for me. Her living in Colorado it was.

I don’t know why I forget to take pictures with these people. I always think I can later then don’t.

Got back and headed to my little cold tent. She has to leave in two days, but doesn’t have the gear to do the hike I want to do. So she is going to do some hike in Queenstown and I’ll set off today to conquer this one. Pretty cool girl.

This is a good sign. Sun!

Checkout is 10am. Hope he doesn’t mind me leaving a bit later. Eating and packing all this up is going to take a little longer.

This two day storm came at the right time, my snot is no longer yellow (too much info?) and my blister is better. I’ll have to take better care of my feet. Learning to fly on the way down.

“Do your best and then relax. Let things go on in a natural way, rather than force them.”


Need to get up this mountain! Enjoy your day peoples.

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  1. I still want you to find the pavlova!! Looks wonderful ! Also how great to see the clouds lifting… will be good to feel the sun again

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