Day 14. Bunkered down

9:45am Wednesday

I’m not sure if most of you know or not but there was a pretty bad cyclone hit New Zealand so it’s been raining a ton, really windy and, now there’s snow on the mountain tops. (Where I was supposed to be today) Yesterday:


Same mountains.

So I did a lot of this:

The mountains I was supposed to be at the top of today:

There wasn’t snow there yesterday!

It’s also a lot colder here too. The high today is 50(f) and the lows get to the upper 30’s (f). It gets so cold at night I pretty much have to wear all my cloths, then pull the sleeping bag over my head and like a mummy I cinch the head part closed till only my nose and mouth can get air. Lol funny image I’m sure. (I don’t have a picture because that would require an arm outside of the sleeping bag. I had 3 pairs of socks on, my thermal bottoms and pants, a T-shirt and a thermal top on with my jacket and hood over my head. I also was wearing my gray beanie over my ears. Lol. I was actually pretty warm till I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Ughh then coming back I had to take off my wet jacket and cocoon myself back in. I was pretty warm.

I extended my stay for 2 days at this campground.

I just had to get myself a hot meal, so I went to the only place that serves real food and head a hearty lunch.

The silver lining, I did get out to the small coffee shop yesterday. There is really nothing to do in this town. There’s a general store and a bar/inn/restaurant and a coffee shop. I picked up a book about ‘tramping’ and started reading about things like ‘what to do if you have a blister’, ‘how much food should I have’, ‘how much water should I bring’ yadda yadda yadda.

I was reading one of their books so I got a large cookie and a cappuccino.

I also knew was ‘scroggin’ was because I got a decent sized bag at the grocery store.

It’s basically the same thing as trail mix, nuts, berries, chocolate, chips, and some other good stuff. Oh oh, I was asked if I wanted tomato sauce with my breakfast… umm no thanks. Saw this in the general store:

Oooooooooo ketchupppp. Lol I see now.

Anyway I’m just readin away and this coffee shop is getting more and more busy. A girl sits down with her laptop beside me and I overhear her tell the worker that she feels bad that she hasn’t done any work while on her vacation and should at least answer some emails. So I look up from my book and talk about how sucky that is. Anyway we start chatting and are really just trying to get out of the rain. Anne-Marie. She works out of Colorado and her company paid for her to go to Australia for a few weeks then one week in NZ. Must be nice! Anyway we basically just kind hangout for the rest of the day. The coffee shop closes so we walk across the street to the restaurant and keep talkin while watching the Olympics for the first time. She rented a car so she drove back to the campsite and figured we would hangout today since she felt bad for me because the weather sucks. It’s supposed to be 20 degrees warmer tomorrow, so at least I can try and shake this cold and have a better understanding of how my feet get blisters. I got some ‘hikers wool’ from the store and in the book they say to stop as soon as you feel a hot spot on your foot and take a break / take your boots off and allow them to dry or swap with a dry pair of socks. Noted.

So I’ll head up the mountain tomorrow. Sorry I don’t have any new and exciting pictures but pouring rain and bring really cold succckss. At least Anne-Marie is just going to drive us around so I’m not stuck in my tent. I planned on listening to some audio books in my tent, but I guess I didn’t need to.

I heard a guy at my campground talking about how a lot of people were stuck at Milford sound because I guess there is only one way in and the road is covered with water. I also heard the north island got smashed too.

Even though it’s a pretty bad situation I feel I’m in the best spot possible. I kind of compare this situation to my Cancer. It’s actually a really bad situation, but I had the best of the worst in that situation. I know the Lord tells you to yield for your own safety. Doesn’t matter what happens, it’s ALWAYS for the best.

In this cold rainy day, I feel pretty blessed.

I’ll leave you with these two pictures that I feel are accurate for this point in my life.

1. Just good knowledge that what we think, we become.

2. I had the privilege of going to Celebration Church in Orlando, Florida for a bit over a year and I still Celebration church on Instagram. Pastor Josh Turner has always hit the nail on the head.

Aaand something funny to lighten the mood. (Picture in the bathroom)

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