Day 11. The calm before the storm.

9:23 PM

Today, NZ time, is dedicated to Igor. This guy is one of the most selfless guys I know. He just wants to make others happy and that makes him happy. He is super shy and isn’t exactly a people person but thinks about others more than you would think. I met him at Stereo D about a year and a half ago and our personalities, though upbringing and countries were totally different, just seem to click. I’m a techy, he’s a super techy. He loves technology as much if not more than I do. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but he’s always on time and super dependable. He is always up for trying new things, like coming to New Zealand for example. Even though things were way different than what we thought we still had a blast anyway. Thanks for your donation Igor! You’ve become a good friend of mine and you always will be!

As the woman was getting me a new campsite I asked how she was doing. She said she was new, so its a little difficult and will take a little longer. No problem, I was just happy I could stay another night. Not exactly sure what happened but her being new was an on going issue throughout the day. She got my new campsite and it seemed to go relatively smoothly…I thought? Anyway I went to go check the site and people were still there from the night before. Eh that’s ok. I went and put clothes in the washer and had a shower. I came back to the washer later and saw it was done…but didn’t seem to do the spin cycle…? So I had to wring out each article of clothing which absorb more than I thought they would. Then tossed them into the dryer. I went back and saw that the new site was free and pulled out the pegs in my old tent spot and soggily dragged it to the new spot. The spot under my old tent spot was nice and dry, the new spot, nice and wet and squishy. Coool. It rained most of the night and morning, but maybe around 10am it started to get sunny and just proceeded back into the hot hot sun of New Zealand.

It kind of sucked that I deflated my pillow and air mattress and rolled up my sleeping bag then put it inside the water proof back and attached it to the bottom of my backpack. I really didn’t want to have to undo all of it and blow it back up again. Eh..Ill do it later. I went to the kitchen area and started blogging. The cleaning crew close down the kitchen from 1:30-3pm so I got booted outside towards the end of the blog. It’s ok, I sat on a pic nic table right outside in the half sun half shade. After I finished showering, blogging, and laundry I dropped the stuff off at the tent and knew I needed to do SOMETHING with the day or I was going to end up blogging all night about blogging all day! I decided I should go see if the only thing I wanted to do in Queenstown was available to do like 2-3pm. I walk into the office because they can schedule all the fun things from there. I see Nina the new girl working but the next person working is open so I figure Ill go to her.

I ask about Bunji jumping at the original bridge or NZ and she says, ” sure! Are you camping with us today? Yes I am. I am for tonight. “What campsite are you?” Ummmmmmm 176…? I think? Can’t remember the new one. She types and clicks in her computer for what seems to be 5 minutes. Hmm can’t seem to find you in our system. So I tell her I was here for 3 days on 208 with Igor Senkin. I see that but don’t see you tonight. Oooo I remember 178. She looks there and says, ” someone is already on that spot. “. Yea its me. “Ahh ok. “. I say if it helps, Nina was the one who checked me in this morning.. (because she’s trying to prove that I am staying there…). “Oh ok, well ill just proceed with your request and ill talk to her after about it”. She calls the bunji place, no open spots today except for 1 and you would have to drive there. It’s bout a 25 min drive. Cooool. I don’t have a car and their shuttles either were busy or weren’t coming anymore for the day, not sure which. So I asked about early morning the next day. She says yea, that will be fine. 9:20am, but at the station at 8:50am. (The station I realized later is the same place we went for the jet boat ride). Alright..welll since checkout is 10 what should I do about that? “Gather everything and bring it here and we will store it for you till you come back”. Ooook So I basically have to get up at the crack of dawn to tear my tent down and pack it away to get to the office by 8 something so I can get to the station by 8:50am. Lovellyyyyy. Eh, worth it. She prints off the paper and I notice my name on it says “Kevin Senkin”. Sigh.. Ummm my name is Kevin Sanders, the guy I was with was Igor Senkin. You just combined our names… “Ohhh maybe that’s why I couldn’t find you in the system because I was looking for Senkin instead of Sanders”. Yeaa that would do it wouldn’t it. So she corrects the information on the paper and finds the spot I’m supposed to be. “So you’re at camp spot 76 right now right?” Nooooo I’m at 178. “Hmmmm well I guess I can switch you since you’re already at 178 but in our system it says 76..”. Ummmm ok. Right. (I don’t care as long as I can stay..I’m happy). So she prints off a new paper and gives me a receipt for free WiFi and acts like it would replace the issues I was having. (My signal on my phone is faster than the WiFi here…thanks.?). I am slowly walking out of the office looking at the papers and what times to be where when Nina, the new girl comes up and says, “Heyy I remember you from this morning….umm do you happen to have the receipt on you from this morning? If not its ok”. I like though my wallet…yea, still got it. She she takes it and says that her coworkers wanted to make sure she did it correctly. She comes back and says sorry about that. I say its ok and understand when you’re the new person because everything considers you incompetent and cant trust you. She seems relieved that I understand and said she appreciated it. I go on my merry way.

Well I guess I have another free day of trying to get into mischief. I head into down town about 3 or 4. I didn’t seem to get done much. I just wonder around and look through souvenir shops and figure I want something really cheap to eat. Just curiosity I want to see what the menu looks like at MacDonald’s. $5 meals?? The average price here of a decent meal is $20. I have to do it.

I know everyone loves their fries so whatever I guess. Bathroom break.

Has anyone ever seen a but this HUGE to flush any toilet?? was worth the picture. Anyywayyy..

I go out and wonder a bit more than go to a small coffee / ice cream shop and get a scoop of strawberry / raspberry / apple. Crazy combination, HAS to be good. It was. šŸ™‚ I end up back at the same lake as on the first day.

As I hangout by the cement rail between me and the water, there are some kind of bird…or seagulls walking along it eyeballing my ice cream cone. I can tell that any fast movements scare them but if I move slowly they slowly move closer. It’s only 1 or 2 at first..

I break off a little piece and that guy dives at it like his life depends on it and runs away. Confident birds I guess get fed a lot here as they come up pretty close. Some kids see how close the birds are to me and open a bag of chips and start to toss chips up on the ledge and their calls all of a sudden 20 birds are flying right at us!

It’s my chance to take some closer pictures of the birds while the kids are distracting them. I make 2 videos, one of me holding out a piece of my cone and the bird just snatching it out of my hand and other of the rest of the cone as I drag it across the wall breaking off tons of pieces. The bird go crazzzyy! I had to backup while recording. Little kamikaze animals.

Cute picture. The hype of the birds is now done. Ready to move on. So i walk down the lakes edge a while longer..

I spot this small shark like boat that seems to go really fast and can dive underwater and shoot out of the water. Sometimes launching up out of the water at a 90 degree angle and slapping down on the surface. You can barely see it here:

I seem to have more videos than pictures of this little underwater speed boat.. You’ll have to check it out when I post them. I wonder how much it costs to take one out for a drive, probably REALLY expensive.. Yup. $150 for 15 minutes. LOL. The lady keeps pushing the fact that it gets your adrenaline pumping SO much! Well…pumping my wallet kills the feeling. Crazy. Looks cool though!

I end up just heading back to the same crazy busy grocery store and get a blue berry muffin, some juice, and some trail mix. I need to cut my fingernails so I look at the price..$9…really? I need floss..

$7…really?? Why is New Zealand so expensive.. I was thinking my Canadian money would go a little further here, but it seems NZ has compensated for that. Coooool.

These boards are all over the place…gives you an idea how pricey this stuff can be:

I just decide to walk back to the campsite to get to bed a little earlier. I have come to the conclusion that 90% of the people I hear talking, are not speaking English until I talk to them. Kind of like I don’t want to see if they speak English or not..? Also since its Saturday night, there seems to be a ton of young people just drinking and laughing really loudly. I hope my ear plugs can keep them quiet enough to sleep. So I’m sitting in my tent unrolling my sleeping bag and blowing my mattress back up again when a guy who works here comes up, “Kevin?” Yeaaa? “Sooo we were going through receipts at the end of the day and we don’t think Nina charged you properly. We think she hit cancel after you signed the receipt. Do you have it with you?” (Of course I do, it seems to be a hot item I need to have on me at all times since everyone is asking about it) I show him. He points to the bottom and it does indeed say ‘. Signature declined. Oh….ok? Soooo…can I just give you cash here? “Umm yea actually if you have it that would be good, would save you a trip to the office”. Ok, count it out there you go. “Thank you, here’s a free WiFi code for your troubles”. (Rolling my eyes after he walks away). I decide I should check my card to see if it went through or not… I seriously spend like 30 minutes trying to recover / change my password on my CHASE account. It wants me to create a new password…I cant hit all of their requirements with any password i type in. It’s like -can’t be the last 5 passwords -has to have upper and lower case -has to have at least 2 symbols -has to be between 8 and 32 characters -cant have any consecutive numbers -cant contain your name or phone number -cant contain any words such as ‘chase’ or ‘bank’ or ‘account’ -must have 38 emojis -needs hair sample -then must press tongue to screen at the end of the password. (You can see where I stopped adding real ones). But seriously? I just started making up password I would never remember. Nope! Doesn’t match our requirements. DONE! It’s not worth it. Exit. I have more important stuff to do.

Like go to the kitchen…setup my tripod with my phone it in…while charging my keyboard and phone and my small power bank that usually connects to the solar panel…Ill blog tonight because I really don’t think I will have time in the AM.

I took this picture earlier. These little social media addicted kids….course here I am…

Looks like a fire hazard doesn’t it?


“Happiness is only real when shared” -Into the Wild

My favorite movie. Course if you have seen it I don’t plan on eating any berries. šŸ™‚

It’s kind of interesting how true that is. I know we all need time away from people..but there is always a limit. Some people like my independence but after a while will get lonely and need people around. Extroverts get energy from being around people, while introverts have their energy sucked away by people and need alone time to ‘recharge’. It’s exhausting going to a public event where there are tons of people. For example, solitary confinement is the worst thing you can do to a person. We need each other.

Ive visited quite a few countries and it seems there is always a way to communicate through facial expressions. We all have the same basic wants and needs.

To love and to be loved.

11:00 pm

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