Day 5 and 6. Recuperation.

10:53pm Monday Blogging about Sunday and today.

I don’t have any epic stories for Sunday and today was kind of only a traveling day.

Sunday was the first day we didn’t have to get up to go anywhere. We slept in and it was aamazingggg. We both were pretty sore and walked like 90 year old men in need of wheelchairs. I realized that was because our calves were so sore that we were just trying not to use them. You should try walking around not using your calf muscles and see how that goes. After I realized that I started doing what I should have been doing, stretching. Point toes, pull toes back point pull point pull. Painfulllll. Igor on the other hand doesn’t like to put himself in pain, so he would never stretch. Lol. By the end of the first day I was walking pretty much normal again. We only left the room to go to the small restaurant of the Last Light Lodge.

Let me tell you about that place. It was our first campground and when Igor got back much earlier than I did Saturday it was recommended that he get a room there. This place makes you feel so much at home. No one is in a hurry, life is laid back, everyone is nice, the food…..the food is to die for. They have their own garden and chickens and everything they make is super fresh. They make everything themselves. We kept talking about how dangerous this place was because of how we could feel like we never wanted to leave. Igor said “this place is like quicksand!” Dangerously good food. Lol

We knew we wanted to get out of there and head to a different town. Our checkout time was 11AM the following day and we still had no plans of how to leave or what to do. We had to sit down and talk. He flat out said that he didn’t intend on backpacking anymore… Kind of threw my head for a loop. He wanted better accommodations and not much physical activity. The opposite of this whole trip for me.. We talked about going our own way in a few days. I don’t want to leave him, but I don’t want to trade the soul of this trip for more money and to be lazy. I really struggled that night thinking of what I should do, where I should go, and how I or we would get there. I was praying in my mind laying on the bed and literally like 2 minutes later I got a comment from my blog. It was from Katarina? She was the girl from the “young couple” I wrote about in my blog. We were talking in the kitchen and I gave her a card of mine if she wanted to follow along or whatever. She gave a long detailed list of amazing advice, things to do, and places to go. You can read her comment on the last blog I posted. Day 4 I believe. I know you’re reading this, so thank you Katarina!

We finally decided on going to a close popular city Te Anau. It was like 8pm and were about to be kicked out of our room at 11am and still had no way to get there. Our little town was way off the beaten track. There was a shuttle that ran through the same Humpback Trail people that could take us there but they were closed already and were told they wouldn’t take us if it were just the 2 of us. Only other option was to hitchhike. We talked to an employee in the small restaurant and he was saying people would do it all the time. We asked what time the Hump Ridge office opened because we saw the shuttle ran at 3pm only. They opened at 7:30am. So we had to wake up early to call them and find out. Igor said or we could just stay another day, but asked about that and they were all booked. So we had to leave no matter what. I called the next morning and it went pretty well. They would pick us up at 3pm. Ook well we still had to be out of our room at 11am. So we repacked out backpacks and moved them to some kind of movie room they had? It was just a big tv and a DVD player. We were told we could just hangout there till we got picked up.

We searched all morning for ANY place to stay when we got there. I guess 95% of the town was booked solid. Igor finally found a campsite close to Te Anau Lake and booked it right before we left the Last Light Lodge. Of course we almost got seduced into buying more than just breakfast there. I had a raspberry and strawberry sorbet glass of ice cream right before we got a lift. good.

Good ole George came with his van and another fellow who had JUST finished the hump ridge trail and was going to Te Anau to stay the night then going back to Australia where he lived. He was here for 2 months. Everyone I talk to makes me feel like 40 days is pathetic lol.

It was about an hour and a half ride and George was nice enough to drop us off at our campground. There is a ton more people here just walking around vs the barren city of Tuatapere. Walked into the main office where we waited for a few people to be helped and they circled 4 places on the map where we could setup our tents. We took longer than necessary to pick a spot because we wanted to make sure we were close to the amenities / water / shower stuff. Hungry but didnt want any dried meals I saw there was a strip of restaurants and a grocery store about a 20 min walk. We setup our tents then realized we should plan something for tomorrow before the office closes.

They have a ton of options ranging from hikes to a few hour cruises, to helicopter rides to kayaking tours to getting to see the glow worm caves. They are some kind of worms that give off a bioluminescent glow? There was also a track called The Milford Track. Supposed to be a challenging but beautiful hike. (I suppose ill start calling them Tramps instead since Katarina said that’s what Kiwis called them instead of hiking). Anyway, the Milford gets booked up MONTHS in advance. I guess a lot of these trails are run by the government so they only allow as many people on the trail until the huts are full. (I feel like I’ve said that before…?). Figured an easy day for the both of us would be doing that Milford cruise and the glow worm cave tomorrow night. Kind of a compromise with Igor so I’m not just bailing on him to go hiking some more. Once agin…I can hear him snoring a tent over. I know you’ll read this too Igor, so thanks for at least not wanting to jump right to a fancy hotel and at least grab a campground to setup our tents. I need some kind of rugged in my life still! Maybe it was just that everything was booked but this patch of grass. Lol

So we booked both for tomorrow, boat ride from 8:20-4:30 then we wanted to glow worm earlier but only 9pm something was available. I think its another small boat that goes through the cave at night for 2 hours.

After that we headed to go get groceries and food. We walked down by the water because it was on the way.

Quite a lovely view! I got a time lapse of the light shining through the clouds that ill post tomorrow. They are called God Rays. Maybe that’s just a visual effects term, I’m not sure.

Strolled there and walked up and around the center part of this town. Incredibly geared towards tourists. Signs all over the place for tons of things. Kind of similar to what was offered at our campground. Anyway we grabbed a few groceries. Grabbed food at a decent restaurant and headed back. We were both pretty tired when we got back and sat on our picnic table but a fellow plopped down beside us and we started chatting. His name was Phil and he is from Switzerland. He planed to only be here a month or so then spend some time in Australia. After his first week here he decided to spend more time here and only 10 days in Aus to visit some friends. This place is addicting lol. I finally went to brush my teeth as we said goodnight. That takes me to here where I sit blogging to my faithful readers and not getting as much sleep as I should. Heh… It’s ok, its worth it knowing that people can experience what I’m doing out here. Plus one day I can look bag and remember everything i did.

Random forgotten things..

Looks bad huh? It’s a combination of sunburn and sand fly bites. This was taken two days ago. I was reading about them and it seems they are worse than mosquito bites as they itch more, leave bigger bumps, and last longer! Little punks!

It seems the thing to do here is drive your car to a camp site, get out a few camp chairs, and sit. The lady seemed surprised that we didn’t have a car.

Been trying to think of a quote or something motivational…cant. Too tired.

Wait …got one!

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.” Albert Einstein


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