Day 1 – Planes and Buses

Day 1. Planes and Busses

First of all, thanks for following along! This trip is going to be dangerous, scary, crazy, unpredictable, faith filled, happy, and exciting. Igor is a prettier big planner.. and I. Am not. I find a general broad path and a few places to go, connect the dots and figure out how to get there. I guess it’s kind of normal to hitchhike in NZ?

So it’s up in the air how I get around besides hiking. To cover the most of NZ, I will sometimes need a faster mode of transportation. I also am not sure how my brain is going to react to being alone for so long. I guess you will find out with me. Lol. I’m sure I’ll run across many people because this isn’t the middle of the desert and this is prieme hiking season in NZ. I think every person needs time alone in the wilderness to figure who they are and what they want to do in life.

This Hike is for people with Cancer who are scared when they hear their diagnosis. “You have Cancer” is a tough pill to swallow for anyone. It’s for the people who are on chemotherapy and shouldn’t leave the house because getting a virus will put you in the hospital. It’s for the people who are embarrassed to have lost their hair during chemo and radiation. It’s for family and loved ones that have lost a person to Cancer. It’s for the people in remission and for the people that have always wanted to go to New Zealand but never had the chance. It’s for those people whose medical bills are so high that they can’t even afford a vacation. This cannot and will not be an easy vacation for me. I can’t inspire people laying on a beach drinking corona. I need to be in the valleys and in the trenches with the people still fighting Cancer.

I heard last week that a woman was misdiagnosed with Cancer when she actually didn’t have it. I’m not sure what kind of Cancer or how long it was before they told her that she didn’t have it. But in that time her health deteriorated and she became more and more depressed. When they finally told her, her body made other harmful illnesses that took her life. Doctors have the ability to find many different types of cancers way ahead of time now. They are deciding if they should tell people they have them or not based on cases like the woman I mentioned above. Many kinds of Cancers the body will eliminate or suppress until after the lifespan of a person. Quite the ethical dilemma they face.

I’m also going on this hike to try and fix my father wound and to hear from God. My father wasn’t great at being a decent Dad when I was young. (Sorry dad!) I didn’t get the confidence I needed from him, so it always seems I’m trying to prove that I have what it takes. I developed trust and commitment issues. I never knew what a successful marriage looked like. I was good at manipulating people to get what I wanted. I hurt people. The good news: It has made me the man I am today. I had to grow up independent. I had to learn many things on my own. I realized at very young age that life is about experiences! I wanted to have them all. I have done and been so many places, I have something to talk about with any person I come across. I love that.

I think every person should do this kind of pilgrimage for your soul, especially the masculine heart.

I’ve been planning this trip or thinking about it for about a year. Plan big goals, or dreams, and continue to take steps to get there. If you don’t quit you can never fail! Take risks! Nothing good ever comes from being comfortable. People always say, “someday”. I make sure all my ‘somedays’ happen. Try different foods, different ways to get places, explore, try new things. Every. Day. You can learn something from EVERY person you meet!

Details about the day:

I flew out of Toronto today at 10am with Igor and we have an 8 hour layover in LA. Gross. Then we have a 14 hour flight to Auckland and arrive at 6am. Then we fly from Auckland to Queenstown at 1:15pm. Arrive at 3:10pm where we catch two buses to get to our campground. Hehh 26 hours total of traveling..

But! I will be blogging from the future! Toronto and Indiana I will be 18 hours ahead. Cali peeps, 15 hours ahead.

I got a little more involved that I planned on for a first blog post, but I’m on the plane heading to LA.

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